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Builder Base - How to beat the Lava Launcher

The Lava Launcher!It’s the new, dreaded defense we were given with BH9 and it’s wreaking total havoc on ground attacks.Many have called it OP (OverPowered) and declared the ground attack dead.
I say not so fast!Yes, the Lava Launcher is hard on ground troops but you CAN work your way around it…if you know how.What say we discuss it a bit, eh?
Zen, over at Creative Clash, and I were talking about this one the other day and he said we really needed a guide/video to help folks who are struggling with it.It’s probably even more needed when you consider that most players haven’t leveled the Lava Launcher up yet!
The problem with the Lava Launcher isn’t really the mortar piece so much as the pool of lava it leaves behind.The Lava Launcher represents the introduction of a brand new kind of defense at BH9 - Damage over Time, or DoT.You get the hit of the mortar shell but then the pool of lava slowly but surely depletes troops health - and it lasts nearly 20 seconds!!!Ground troops have an a…

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