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BH9 Upgrade Guide Part 2 (Clash of Clans Builder Base)

OK - Part Deux of the BH9 upgrade guide!
In the BH9 Upgrade Guide Part 1, I focused on what I think the upgrade path will be for those of us who prioritize OTTO as a first up kind of upgrade.Now, for those who decide they want to forego the OTTO upgrade - maybe you haven’t started upgrading CCs, are missing some Gear-Ups, or even have a lower level Battle Machine or MegaTesla - it makes sense to look at this a little bit differently.
I divide my upgrades into 3 defensive tiers and insert storages, lab, and barracks where it fits my personal approach to the game.Everyone is going to be a little different so be sure to adjust to your liking and in such a way as suits the current maturity of your game.
Obviously, the first step is to upgrade the Builder Hall itself and I recommend saving your Hammer for later upgrades, instead using resources and a Book of Building on this upgrade.There are plenty of upgrades that cost a LOT more Gold and those are more suited to using the Hammer.(Plus,…

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