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War Robots Operation Pass

Last week, Pixonic announced a new feature for War Robots coming with the 5.3 update roughly mid-August; they call it the, "...Operation Pass".  Those of us who have been playing the game a while now know it as what is commonly referred to as a battle pass.

And I say it is about bloody time!

If ever there was a game that was ripe for the battle pass concept, it is War Robots.  For those unfamiliar with the way this works, a quick explanation.  A battle pass usually comes in two tiers - silver and gold (they sometimes have different names, but a rose by any other name...).

The silver tier is freely available to all players and offers lots of great rewards in the form of resources, skins, weapons, and so forth.  The gold tier costs some small amount of money each month and offers even better rewards as well as certain "gold pass exclusives".  In most cases, the pass really doesn't cost too much - $5-$30 a month, depending upon the game - and it is well worth the mo…

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