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Strategy Series #3 - How NOT to rush to TH11....

We've talked about engineering and strategic rushing.  I've presented some notes on how to effectively and smartly rush your game to maximum effect.

Now I'm going to tell a story of how NOT to rush well.

Back in January, I took a brand spankin' new TH7 game and gemmed it up to TH11 shortly after the update came out. It was one of my umpteen games, so not my main and therefore just something to play around with. My intentions were to simply use it as a feeder base for the other games in the clan and, in all honesty, I just wanted to play around with the new stuff in TH11.

Even though I went into this with eyes wide open, it serves as a cautionary tale of what not to do.  Keep in mind - I had JUST upgraded this game to TH7 so it was running with TH6 troops and TH6 defenses.  What I found....

Raiding - Impossible. I made entirely too big of a jump.  My TH6 troops even struggled with collector raids.

Defending - Surprisingly...not a problem. The base I have up now is the…

Strategy Series #2 - How do I rush strategically???

There are many ways to play the game of Clash of Clans.  A lot of players like to max everything at each level - defenses, walls, offenses, troops and heroes - before they move up to the next town hall (TH) level.  That works out just fine...the first five TH levels.  After that, you quickly realize there is some pretty cool stuff at the higher levels and if you had access to what the higher level players had, you could REALLY rock it out.

And THAT, friends, is why so many people take the plunge into rushing their game.

"But rushing's bad, 'mkay?  You'll always be attacked and lose everything, you won't be able to attack other players because your troops will be weak, and you'll be a major detriment to your clan so you won't be able to participate in clan wars!"

Bah - people who say that are the same people who said we should never combine chocolate and peanut butter, ham and swiss, or put an after-market exhaust on a vintage Mustang.

Done smartly, r…

Strategy Series #1: Engineering - How best to develop your game?

There has been a great deal of debate in the community around engineering games and clan war rosters.  Unfortunately, there has been even more misunderstanding of the whole topic.

Engineering a game is not the same as engineering a clan war roster, although engineered clan war rosters are comprised of engineered games.  When engineering a clan war roster, the goal is to build it such that the matchmaker sets you up against a weaker opponent that can be easily defeated by the engineered clan's overpowering offensive capability while offering the weaker clan top defenses they can only hope to get one star against, much less two.  It's a valid, viable strategy in the game...and hotly contested.

Engineering a game, on the other hand, is the most efficient way to play the game.  Engineering comes in many forms ranging from strategic rushing, to defenseless, to x.5, and more.  The simple reality is that EVERYONE engineers their game to some degree; it's really just choosing what…

Journal of a Rusher - Updated!

To all following - my apologies for the delays in moving the "Journal of a Rusher" content over to the new blog.  It's taken a while to find the time to resume my regular blogging activities.  (Life intrudes....)

By way of an update - the Clash Maniac account is now at TH8, and has been for some time.  It is progressing just fine, but slowly.  This is not unexpected; after all, the higher town hall levels have significantly longer wait times on upgrades and there's much more to upgrade.  Of course, it doesn't help that I started a monthlong run of back to back clan wars, getting us to a level 4 clan and a third of the way to level 5.  :)

I started the, "Journal of a Rusher" on May 23rd; that is 120 days ago.  Today, the Clash Maniac account has the below stats.  I've shifted back into building mode on all of my games, including this one.  Anyone interested in seeing the current game set of Divergent Void, feel free to look us up - our clan tag is #P…

Journal of a Rusher - Entry #6, Days 40-63 and TH8

Day 40 update....
Day 40...hard to believe it's been going this long. Spent some time on all my games this holiday weekend. The last week has been a busy one for upgrades; lots more done and this game is nearing max TH7 quickly. I've saved some bigger/longer upgrades for the end (hidden teslas, two levels of barracks, BK). Last week I ran a one hour boosted raiding session, but otherwise kept to my usual 15 minutes a day of play. I will do the same this week, but this upcoming weekend I might just put in an afternoon of raiding Saturday and Sunday to knock out walls. There are 175 walls altogether; at 200K per wall, that's 35M in gold. With any luck, I can drum up enough elixir to get the four barracks going and maybe move my BK to level 3 or 4 as well.
I'm also debating when to start the TH8 upgrade. It takes 8 days to complete, so my inclination is to kick it off just as I start the teslas on their last upgrade. I'll upgrade spring traps and bombs during the time…

Journal of a Rusher - Entry #5, TH7....

TH7...has arrived! Day 20
TH7 is a “catch-up” level; I’ll be maxing everything here except for walls. The first thing I do when I reach TH7 is add all new items and upgrade offensive structures. That said, one of the most important early buys is going to be the Dark Elixir Storage.
Dark Elixir opens a whole new set of troops (Minions and Hog Riders, at this level) and, most importantly, the Barbarian King. The DE drill does not produce very much at this point *BUT*, as soon as you have the DE storage, you can start gathering DE through raids.
Standard upgrade strategy applies here:
Buy all new items - army, resources, defense. (First item to buy: DE storage)
Build a new base.
Upgrade offensive structures first and begin troop upgrades:
Laboratory Spell Factory Clan Castle Army Camps Barracks Dark Barracks
Upgrade all remaining items to the same level as their counterparts (so, upgrade them to TH5/TH6 max levels).
Upgrade defensive structures:
Archer Towers Cannons Wizard Towers Mortar…

Journal of a Rusher - Entry #4, Days 15-19, TH6...headed to TH7

TH6 work is ongoing....
I continue to work on TH6 in anticipation of the jump to TH7.
1) Everything new has been purchased and most are at TH5 max levels or upgrading now. I have an AD, AS, and WT left. I elected to get the walls all to level 5 early as well.
2) Lab upgrade was completed; Giants are in the hopper right now. I'll do wallbreakers next, then wizards, balloons, and spells.
3) CC and spell factory are upgrading. Aside from the lab, these are key offensive upgrades.
Once the next rounds of upgrades finish, I will start the TH moving to TH7. During those six days, I will continue lab upgrades (spells) and work on resource collectors/storage. Things are a little slower at TH6; it has longer timers to work through. I'll spend about 10 days here though, in all, setting up a good foundation for TH7.
Things I am not upgrading right now - defenses to TH6 levels, walls to level 6, and barracks. 
Defenses aren't very important yet, including walls - I carry very little r…

Journal of a Rusher - Entry #3, Days 8 thru 14 (TH6!)

Day 8 update
I think this is the end of the eighth all blurs after a while....
The gold mines completed their upgrade to level 8. All resource buildings are now level 8, so I decided to take the storages up to their max for TH5 (level 9) and work on army camps as well as another level of walls. I ran about 20 or so goblin/barbarian/archer raids over the course of an hour (boosted barracks) and generated enough resources to upgrade all walls to level 4 (1M gold); kick off the upgrade for the four storages (200k each, gold and elixir);Mick off the level 4 upgrade of two army camps (200k elixir and my last 85 gems blown by accident when I hit the wrong button...don't ask); AND completely fill my storages so I can upgrade archer and wizard towers tomorrow morning (550k of each).
At this rate, I'll be starting the TH6 upgrade this weekend.

TH6 - Day 11 Status....
My TH5 game is now nearly maxed. I still had two troop updates to run, one level of walls, and one level of army cam…

Journal of a Rusher - Entry #2, End of Week 1

End of Week 1
So...I lied a little; I decided to focus a bit more on defense the last couple of days of this first week. I've run only a handful of raids (4) and I am sitting at 902 trophies in Silver III league. I've been "attacked" 40 times and lost 3; most are really trophy dumps though. I don't anticipate many serious attacks until I jump to TH6. Which, at my current pace and availability, should occur in the next week.
The first week is just ending; I have all 5 of my gold mines upgrading to level 8 right now and Archers have about a day to go in the lab. Below is the state of the game after right about a week's worth of play. (For anyone keeping track, I started the game the evening of the 18th of May and today is the 25th.) With the exception of walls, I believe everything has just one level left to upgrade now. The next week's focus will be on finishing the TH5 max-out of everything and starting the TH6 upgrade. 
Total time playing each each day …

Journal of a Rusher - Entry #1

Several weeks ago, I started a brand new game with the intent of journaling the process of strategically rushing the game through the lower town hall (TH) levels.  I documented this on the forums; I'm bringing that content here starting with this post.  -JNJ


Rushing a CoC game is the best way to get playing quickly. It does require a bit of a financial and time commitment to be successful, but we’re not talking a great deal of either. (We all have lives, after all.) Things will slow down at TH7, but the first 6 levels of the game can be progressed through very quickly.
Seeing how long this thread has become, I've added an index to the bottom of this message. There's lots of great discussion and debate in between, but for someone who wants the highlights, jump to the end for the links.
Getting Started - Offense & Army
The first step is to get the game “play…