Journal of a Rusher - Entry #2, End of Week 1

End of Week 1

So...I lied a little; I decided to focus a bit more on defense the last couple of days of this first week. I've run only a handful of raids (4) and I am sitting at 902 trophies in Silver III league. I've been "attacked" 40 times and lost 3; most are really trophy dumps though. I don't anticipate many serious attacks until I jump to TH6. Which, at my current pace and availability, should occur in the next week.

The first week is just ending; I have all 5 of my gold mines upgrading to level 8 right now and Archers have about a day to go in the lab. Below is the state of the game after right about a week's worth of play. (For anyone keeping track, I started the game the evening of the 18th of May and today is the 25th.) With the exception of walls, I believe everything has just one level left to upgrade now. The next week's focus will be on finishing the TH5 max-out of everything and starting the TH6 upgrade. 

Total time playing each each day at this point...maybe ten minutes across the day; fifteen minutes on the outside. I'm really just clearing collectors and running upgrades; the collectors can keep up with the demand, for the main part, so I haven't even needed to spend any time raiding for resources until today. This is because the upgrades are inexpensive right now, and I am scheduling them with time for the gold mines/elixir collectors to dig up some resources. It's only when I run back to back collector upgrades that I run short (because elixir collectors use gold and gold mines use elixir).

My next update will be in roughly another week.

End of Week 1:

Town Hall X 1 - Level 5
Builder’s Hut X 5

Gold Storage X 2 - Level 8
Elixir Storage X 2 - Level 8
Gold Mines X 5 - Level 8 (UC)
Elixir Collectors X 5 - Level 8

Clan Castle X 1 - Level 2 (Maxed)
Army Camps X 3 - Level 3
Barracks X 3 - Level 6
Laboratory X 1 - Level 3 (Maxed)
Barbarians - Level 3 (Maxed)
Archers - Level 3 (Maxed)
Giants - Level 2 (Maxed)
Goblins - Level 2
Wall-breakers - Level 2 (Maxed)
Balloons - Level 1
Lightning spell - Level 1
Spell Factory - Level 1 (Maxed)

Cannon X 3 - Level 6 (Maxed)
Archer Tower X 3 - Level 5
Wizard Tower X 1 - Level 1
Mortar X 1 - Level 2
Air Defense X 1 - Level 2
Air Bomb X 2 - Level 1
Spring Trap X 2 - Level 1 (Maxed)
Bomb X 4 - Level 3 (Maxed)

Walls X 100 - Level 3


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