Eh.... What's up, Noc?

It's been a couple of weeks - and busy ones at that!

I like to run back-to-back wars for a couple of weeks, then raid like a mad man, and upgrade like crazy.  That's exacly what we just wraped.  We ran four, 15v15 wars for 1/1/2 (win/loss/draw) then a 25v25 war for the win.  Some great attacks...and some really miserable ones.  *BUT* all who participated had fun and we picked up a few hundred more XP on our inexorable march to becoming a level 5 clan.  (Just 1500 more XP to go!)

Along the way, I've finished off another TH7, upgraded our TH5s to TH6, and run some key upgrades on my TH9, TH10, and TH11 games as well as the TH8 Clash Maniac, TH8 defenseless, and TH8 mini-max.  I thought I'd recap a bit here.

In late August, I spun up 4 new minis to help with bringing down our overall war weight and firm up the TH7 war brigade.  Three have had zero $$$ invested and the fourth just had the $20 needed to buy the fourth builder (it was late to the party and I wanted to catch it up).  I've been maxing the games at each TH level before upgrading; partly because it's so easy, and partly to show it can be done efficiently.  I anticipate making this topic my first, full video series when I launch the YouTube channel next month - a new to maxed, turn by turn, video journal.

Clash Maniac is coming along nicely.  I've been rushing on this game, but slowly - it's been a regular participant in clan wars since it started and that very much changes the rushing strategy.  Right now, the rushing progression is in catch-up mode at TH8; cannons and mortars are done, and I'm working on getting the resource collectors maxed in preparation for the holiday one-gem-boost marathon we see each year.  I am also focused on troop upgrades, specifically getting golems and PEKKAs up to snuff so we can run GoWiPe and GoVa attacks on this account.  It will get the new Bomb Tower first thing next week too.

The TH8 defenseless (Naid Cosanta) and mini-max (Zed Verteidigung) are coming along slowly but surely.  As they lack most means of self-defense, they get hit for 100% at least once, sometimes twice, every day.  That makes loot retention tough and their progression painfully slow since they really just upgrade whenever I have spare time to run an hour or so of raiding.  I am happy to say that they perform just fine in clan wars, though, and it's been interesting developing them.  It's not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and it amazes me to see other players struggle with them.

At TH9, I have NachtHerr who is rapidly approaching maxed and Psyberon who is relatively new.  Progression is slow but steady, as you would expect at TH9.  TH9 is a fun level but it's tough; 30 AQ levels, 20 BK levels, a ton of troop upgrades, and the defensive structures are expensive.  This is when the game REALLY kicks in and you have to decide if you're going to be a serious player or accept significant losses as a casual player.

My TH11 (Kuss von Nacht) just finished up x-bows to level 3.  This game was a premie that went straight from being a new TH7 to being a new TH11 (so...basically an overnight jump from TH6 to TH11).  It's a feeder game for the clan, providing high level troops during wars and for raiding.  It's also been a significant draw on my gaming time as I decided a few months back to clean it up and turn it into a real TH11 game.  With the exception of baby dragons (level 1) and PEKKA (level 2), all of the elixir troops have been maxed.  So have valkyries, witches, and bowlers.  Hog Riders are currently going to level 3.  Most of the defensive structures are TH9 and everything available has been dropped, upgraded, and put in play.  This has been done through a combination of boosting collectors, raiding, and gems.  This game will get the bomb towers pronto, I may even gem them up to see them in action, and I'm looking forward to level 6 dragons too.

My main game, Noctaire, recently upgrade to TH10 from near-max TH9 (everything but walls and heroes in the late teens).  They game is a hybrid-rush; I maxed it fully at TH7, then almost did the same at TH9 before jumping to TH10 when the lab was done and only heroes/walls remained.

I'm not much for walls; in fact, I think them to be VERY overrated.  I'm about half skulls (level 8) and half legos (level 9).  Since jumping to TH10, I dump gold and elixir into the walls while waiting for upgrades to finish.  My first order of business at TH10 was to get everything caught up to TH9 max levels, level up the offense to get the new troops, then get to work on key defenses.  I've done all that, including maxing out my infernos and right now I'm working on my hidden teslas (one is done, another wraps tomorrow night, and the other two still have a week to go).  I've also continued the hero grind; both are 21 and the AQ is down for the level 22 upgrade.

I was talking on the forums about how there are many strategies for progressing your game and that I personally use several different strategies, depending upon my goals for the games.  Kuss von Nacht was a fast rush - premie, even - that got me to TH11 super fast and allows me to play with all the new toys.  Psyberon and NachtHerr are both fairly strategic rushes, with a max at TH7 and partial max at TH9; Clash Maniac is largely following this same path, albeit a bit slower since he's been in a lot of clan wars lately.  The new games are all straight maxed.  My flagship main (Noctaire) is a steady rush, focused on offense and a generally rapid progression.

My games also run the gamut of casual to diehard.  Although I am clearly a fully addicted player, I still only play a couple hours on any given day and sometimes, less than that.  (I'll talk more about how to play "casual style" in the new world soon...!)

At any rate, that's what's been up with my games.  LOTS of progress, probably a few hundred million in gold and elixir, and around a million in dark elixir, running fast through the games.  If you'd like to see how things are coming along, feel free to visit the clan - Divergent Void, #P8CGRG0C or drop me a comment on the blog or in the forums.


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