Journal of a Rusher - 5 Months In....

It is hard to believe, but yes - it is now FIVE months in for the Clash Maniac game!  I've been rushing this game with an eye toward both clan wars and getting ahead as quickly as possible.  Keeping it clan-war capable changed up the strategic rushing plan quite a bit, especially since I have a tendency to war non-stop for 2 weeks at a time.

Strategic rushing while warring is very different from doing the same without participating in clan wars.  The reality is that you can rush MUCH more quickly if you do not war.  The reason is simple - in non-war rushing, you can focus simply on your key farming troops and a basic, low level of defense; if you war, you also have to ensure you have 2 or 3 attacks that are suitable for clan wars and can defend against one TH level lower than your own.  The latter part of that point is particularly important - you do not want your game to be easily taken out by an opponent who is attacking UP.

Of course, I haven't been entirely negligent in performing upgrades this last month whilst war mongering.  Cannons have all been upgraded to level 10 and mortars to level 6.  Over the last week or so, I've shifted focus to collectors and storages in preparation for the holiday one-gem-boost events that will be coming our way; I'll continue to work on these as I finish off other upgrades.

Troop upgrades have gone well - my farming troops (barbarian, archer, giant, wallbreaker, wizard, healer) are all maxed for TH8.

The new update adds the Bomb Tower; I ponied up the 10 bucks and bought the bonus pack that provided some coins, gems, and a level 2 Bomb Tower.  That's kinda neat, really - the Bomb Tower comes pre-built and already upgraded to level 2.  Can't beat the deal, especially since the gems alone would cost the $10.

I'm taking a month or so off from my war schedule to focus on some other items.  That means I'll be busily upgrading the base's various structures.  As is usual for upgrade runs, all five builders and the research lab will be going fairly close to nonstop.  The goal for the next month is to finish off barracks and collector upgrades, knock out the archer towers, and start the upgrade to TH9.  While the TH is upgrading, I'll work on traps and walls to level 7 (purple).

TH9 offers a lot of good stuff and I'll spend through the end of the year working on upgrades at TH9 before making the TH10 jump.  First and foremost - dark elixir farming is typically much improved over TH7 and TH8, and there's more gold as well.  The Archer Queen makes a huge difference in both farming and clan wars.  The Crows base design is one of the best out there for overall DE protection and DE becomes a focus at TH9, between heroes and DE troops.

I was thinking about making the TH9 jump now; I'm far enough along that I could handle it easily with the offense I've upgraded, and I'd have a few key things done by the time the upgrade finished, but I really want to get this a bit further along before I pull the pin on TH9 so I think I'll spend another couple of weeks here.  Either way, I feel fairly confident that the next Journal of a Rusher entry in early November will start with TH9 news.  :)

At any rate, here's the current stats.

End of Day 150:

Town Hall X 1 - Level 8
Builder’s Hut X 5
Barbarian King - Level 9 (Upgrading)

Gold Storage X 3 - Level 11 (Maxed)
Elixir Storage X 3 - Level 11 (Maxed)
Dark Elixir Storage X 1 - Level 4
Gold Mines X 6 - Level 12 X 1, Level 11 X 5 (Upgrading)
Elixir Collectors X 6 - Level 12
Dark Elixir Drill X 2 - Level 1 and Level 2

Clan Castle X 1 - Level 4 (Maxed)
Army Camps X 4 - Level 6 (Maxed)
Barracks X 4 - Level 9 X 3, Level 10 X 1
Dark Barracks X 2 - Level 2, Level 3
Laboratory X 1 - Level 6 (Maxed)
   Barbarians - Level 5 (Maxed)
   Archers - Level 5 (Maxed)
   Giants - Level 5 (Maxed)
   Goblins - Level 4
   Wall-breakers - Level 5
   Balloons - Level 3
   Wizards - Level 5 (Maxed)
   Healer - Level 3
   Dragon - Level 3 (Maxed)
   Lightning spell - Level 5 (Maxed)
   Healing spell - Level 3
   Rage spell - Level 4
   Poison spell - Level 1
   Earthquake spell - Level 2
   Minions - Level 1
   Hog Riders - Level 1
   Valkyrie - Level 1
Spell Factory - Level 3 (Maxed)
Dark Spell Factory - Level 2 (Maxed)

Cannon X 5 - Level 10 (Maxed)
Archer Tower X 5 - Level 8
Wizard Tower X 3 - Level 5 X 3 (Upgrading)
Bomb Tower X 1 - Level 2 (Maxed)
Mortar X 4 - Level 6 (Maxed)
Air Defense X 3 - Level 5
Air Sweeper - Level 3
Hidden Tesla X 3 - Level 3
Air Bomb X 4 - Level 3 (Maxed)
Seeking Air Mine X 2 - Level 1 (Maxed)
Giant Bomb X 3 - Level 2
Spring Trap X 6 - Level 2
Bomb X 6 - Level 4
Skeleton Trap X 2 - Level 1

Walls X 175 - 187 @ L6, 38 @ L7


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