Journal of a Rusher - December Update....

Well...December kicked off with a bit of glee and a bit of pain.

I decided to bump Zed Verteidigung (my min-max) up to TH9 along with Clash Maniac.  When it finished the TH upgrade, I completely messed up.  Sitting there, watching a movie, in automatic mode and...I bought the "new TH" deal that included the X-bow, dropped the second one, and had a bunch of archer towers down before I even realized what I had done. min-max is now a regular TH9 game.  Since I screwed it up, I just went ahead and dropped everything else; I've been running upgrades like a mad man.  Real bummer - the game had been coming along very nicely as a min-max.  C'est la vie, c'est la guerre.  Now I have an extra TH9 game I didn't expect.  😎

Clash Maniac's TH9 upgrade completed and I've been actively upgrading structures ever since.  I'm running a slight variation of the Crows TH9 base and it's doing ok.  I'm considering moving to my previous mod of Crows (Raven) as my games running that version are seeing better results right now.  I'm still comparing them though, so, for now, it works.

Giants are almost done upgrading to level 6 finally; that will significantly improve my GiBarch so raiding will become much more profitable.  The Archer Queen is up to level 6,  I've been working on getting defenses up to TH7/TH88 levels as well; all that remains is an AD and Wizard Tower (2 levels on each) then I can start working through the Archer Towers and Hidden Teslas.

Kuss Von Nacht (rushed TH11) is coming along VERY nicely.  I'm almost to maxed Baby Dragon, all defenses are at least TH9 and I'm working on traps and heroes right now.  The GW is at level 10, AQ is about to go down for level 15, BK is at level 14.

Nachtherr (TH9) is now just walls and heroes.  All elixir troops have been upgraded, all elixir spells as well, so I can put elixir toward walls along with gold.  I'm working on dark troops right now - EQ and Haste are maxed for this level, Witch and Lavahound are also maxed, and Golem finishes up in just a couple of days.  I like working top down on DE upgrades; it feels "easier" to me, especially when I'm working on multiple games.  Slowing down a bit on this game has allowed me to work toward maxing troops and heroes in anticipation of the TH10 upgrade.  I'm right almost to the point I pulled the trigger on my TH10 upgrade for my main game, although I am seriously considering maxing my heroes and getting all of my walls to level 9 before I take this one up to TH10.  Just another way to get there.

The other games are progressing steadily, with most builders staying fairly active.  There are plenty of lower cost upgrades that I can run on most of my active games, so keeping builders and lab running non-stop is actually pretty easy.

I haven't had much time for these games, between work/holidays/life, so I'm playing my usual, casual style.  Each day, at least twice a day, I go through all of my actively building games to empty resource collectors, reset traps, and start upgrades.  Sometimes, especially if I'm getting close and don't want to deal with a raid, I'll toss up a shield and boost a resource collector to get me over the top sooner.  I'm particularly looking forward to the one-gem-boost that should be starting up here soon.  There's little time in my schedule for warring or raiding right now, so I'm just using shielded collector boosts to build up resources.  This has worked very well on my games, TH7 thru TH11.  I'll probably start hitting the warpath again after the holidays pass and I get some much needed clutter management done around the house.

At this time, I have seven active games that I am playing and all are being played using this fairly casual style of play.  It's definitely slow, but that's ok - like I said, it fits my current schedule so I don't mind.  In any given day, I'm likely actively for under an hour overall and I fit it in throughout the day.  Other players are probably getting a bit more loot from me than I would otherwise usually give up, but the slowdown in progress is perfectly reasonable since I'm not really interested in playing heavily at the moment.  (Anyone who knows me, knows that I go through cycles where I work 10 hours, play 8 hours, then sleep 4-6 hours all averages out!)

I mention this because I want to show others how you can rush, play casually, and still move quickly through the game so long as you set some realistic expectations.  Most importantly - it's still a very enjoyable experience.

And on that note...happy holidays!!!


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