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Builder's Base - BH4 Base Designs

As I've mentioned before, I really enjoy designing bases just to see how other players will react.  I've come up with a decent BH4 design that I think I'll stick with a while.

This is a take on the basic donut ring style base used on the main game.  The entire outer perimeter is junk buildings and will keep the typical ground troop pretty busy while getting pummeled by the defensive ring.

Attacks from the top will typically be Archers looking to take out that Crusher so giants can break in for the win.  A Push Trap and a couple of Mines will deal them enough damage to slow such an attack down, especially if the attacker is in the early to mid stages of BH4.  Coming in from the sides or bottom will mean going through junk buildings and taking heat from the attack ring.

Barbarians don't stand a chance against this base at all; Archers can snipe the outside ring but evaporate as soon as they are in range of the defense ring.  Air troops can do the same before they face a …

Builder's Base - BH3 Base Designs

BH3 is a short stayover on the way to BH4.  Most players will be here on day #2 (if not day #1) and it's really just an opportunity to max some troops and put down the basics of defense.

I have two base designs I'm currently using on BH3.  The first, I've discussed on the Clash Maniac articles...

There's not a whole lot to say about this base design other than it works really well as you build your game.  Players attacking from the left get into a lot of trouble trying to break through the walls, while players coming in from the right get into the base...after tripping the spring traps and getting bounced to the other side of the game grid by the Push Traps.  I used this early on in my BH3 game, which is why you don't see the Crusher.  Eventually, I picked up the Crusher and put it next to that lone Cannon on the left (I just schootched it down a block to make room).

The second base design is one I'm tinkering with on ZedVerteidigung...

This design relies prima…

Builder's Base - Weekly Progress Check #1

Progression has slowed a bit, so I'm moving to a weekly posting now.

This week is focused on BH4.  I've already completed the upgrade and fixed my mistake of missing a day of raiding before the update completed.  Definite word to the wise there - don't miss your next day's raiding before the BH upgrade finishes.  :)

Everything is down except for the Guard Post (200K) and Air Bombs (300K), which are the most expensive items to buy for this level.  The initial focus was getting the fourth army camp so my offense could effectively compete on this level of play.  Of course, that also meant upgrading the elixir storage so I had the storage to buy it in the first place.  I went ahead and rebuilt the Clock Tower as well; SuperCell may have nerfed it to oblivion, but it still carries a decent number of hit points and will easily distract enemy troops while they get pummeled by defenses.

Base design really isn't all that important for the beginning run of BH4, even at 1000 …

Builder's Base - Day #7, Part Deux

Another painful, boring day for the ClashManiac, BH4 game.  Today had one purpose and one purpose only -> get enough gold to upgrade the elixir storage.
And that is exactly what I did...and the only thing I did.  
It took several attacks, hovering on either side of 1000 trophies, but I was finally able to win 3 and get enough loot to upgrade the elixir storage.  I also have 170k in elixir that I will hold onto until my next set of raids, just to ensure I get enough to buy the fourth army camp.
BH4 is a bit of a conundrum right now.  To be perfectly honest, I do not see a clear upgrade path for BH4 and I'm not convinced maxing or rushing are better either way even.
On the main game, rushing is king.  There is no more efficient way to reach the end game, no more powerful way to play the game.  It is heavily designed in ways that smart, strategic rushers can take advantage of - note the "smart" and "strategic" there though.  If you rush and don;t know what you'…

Builder's Base - Day, Day #7, Part 1....

So...I got caught up in the new Pokémon Go gym game Sunday and before I knew it, all of Day #6 was gone and I hadn't played my CoC BB game at all.
The good news...the BH4 upgrade finished!  The bad finished before I could refill my storages as a BH3.  Oops.

Needless to say, Day #7 was a bit challenging.  The very first thing I needed to do was to get the elixir storage upgraded so I could get the fourth Army Camp.  I had pushed to 946 trophies, which meant 170K in resources for each set of lootable attacks, maybe a little more if I could reach above 1000 trophies.

A lot of players think the matchmaking system is based entirely around trophy counts; that's not true. In fact, it takes into account your BH level, defensive, and offensive capabilities.  As a max BH3, I saw plenty of low-level BH4s.  As a low-level BH4, I am seeing plenty of mid-level BH4s.  That means I am facing opponents who have dropped all the new items, even run a few upgrades, and are therefore much m…

Builder's Base - Day #5

Well...this is depressing.
I was able to get my BH3 game up to 889 trophies on just two army camps.  Today's lootable attacks went live so I started working on getting my third army camp.
And I lost every single battle down to 798 trophies.
I did not win a single battle for the better part of half an hour and every opponent was a BH3 game.  I can honestly say I have NEVER had such a bad losing streak across all six of my games.  The problem was the walls and armaments at the 800-900 trophies level.  Even with level 4 Giants, two simply could not break through the walls before they were decimated.  Base designs with spring traps would easily wipe out the Giants as well and having only six archers...that was bad.
So...I caved.  I coughed up the $1.80 and bought the third army camp to save my position in the trophy race and won the next three in a row.  Clearly that third camp needs to be bought before getting so high in the trophy rankings.  In fact, my new upgrade list for BH3 - drop e…

Builder's Base - Day #4 is going to be even more boring than yesterday.  Took me about 15 minutes to get my three wins; I kept losing because I don't have that third army camp yet.  However, I managed to get enough loot to build the Crusher at least.  Unfortunately, that is all I will be doing as I'm still just short of what is needed to build the third army camp.

So...that's it for day 4.  I'm sitting at 864 trophies with nothing else to do, courtesy of the loot cap.

Yeah...this is just so much fun....

Builder's Base - Day #3

Day 3 is about as boring as this game can get.  My Clash Maniac game is still so low in the trophies that I won't be getting much loot until I have the troops to trophy push into the 1000 range.  I ran a whopping five attacks; lost the first two, then won three in a row for 115,000 in resources.
I upgraded my elixir storage so I would have enough storage for the camp upgrade.  I then upgraded my Giants two levels and unlocked Minions in the Barracks.  That sapped both the elixir and most of my gold right there.  I did take the opportunity to use a little for resource collector upgrades as well, though.  The remaining gold I held onto for buying the Crusher tomorrow.
Only thing left to do now is trophy push a bit. 
This is the problem with a loot cap like the one in this game.  It severely limits the amount of time one can play, in this case to under ten minutes per day.  You can trophy push a little, but you quickly reach a point where you can no longer move up the ranks and just fac…

Builder's Base - Day #2

BH3 is a far cry from where you start the game at BH2.  It adds a LOT....

Elixir Storage - 20,000 Gold, 30m
Gold Storage - 20,000 Elixir, 30m
Army Camp - 180,000 Elixir, 3hr
Walls X 6 - 4,000 Gold each
Cannon - 10,000 Gold, 1m
Push Trap - 1,000 Gold
Hidden Tesla - 50,000 Gold, 30m
Firecrackers (AD) - 30,000 Gold, 15m
Crusher - 120,000, 2hr
Spring Trap X 2 - 10,000 Gold
Mine X 2 - 5,000 Gold

Additionally, you'll need to clear some debris from the game grid to be able to build a decent base.  Needless to say - this is NOT a one day game without using gems.

If I do well, I'll get 30,000 in resources on 2 attacks, then 45,000 on my final attack.  That's 105,000 in Gold and Elixir for today's loot.

Prioritization is key to making it through the next couple of days.

Day 2's priorities center in on resources - making them and storing them.  As it stands now, I can only store 100,000 Gold/Elixir and I need to get the Crusher and Army Camp as soon as possible.  Of course...…

Builder's Base - Day #1

I'd forgotten how little you get when first starting a game of Clash of Clans; the Builder's Base is no different.
The game begins with one barracks, one army camp, one cannon, a couple of walls, and your first gold mine/elixir collector.  The reality is that there's not a whole lot you can do with so little and this is by design.  On the plus side - you'll get SIX loot generating attacks, so you can at least wrap a maxed BH2 at the end.
Your first run of attacks will be a bit rough.  You have 4, level 2 Barbarians in just a single camp; that's not a lot to work with.  Of course, your opponents will typically have no more than a single cannon for you to contend with so if you're a bit smart about it, you can always get 100% and just wait for the opponent who drops his troops in the wrong place.
The very first thing you'll want to change about your base is to close the gap between the walls.  This will prevent enemy troops from simply making a run at your o…

The update is here! Well, sort of....

Ok - it's been a while since I posted anything and, to be frank, I just haven't been playing.  I know - it's hard to believe that a Clash junkie like me would take several months off but let's be honest - the grind is just boring and SuperCell (SC) hasn't brought us any decent, new content in nearly a year and a half now.

A few months back, the energy started building around a new update that was going to hit in the April-May time frame.  It was going to be huge - earth shattering, even.  The YouTubers hyped the heck out of it and even SuperCell dropped lots of hints around how great it would be.   Word on the grapevine was that this was a real game-changer that would bring new content to CoC and rejuvenate the game. arrived with a big, resounding thud.  The new content was actually a gamelet called the "Builder's Base".  It was a combination of the basic design of Clash Royale (CR), Clash of Clans (CoC), and Boom Beach (BB), utilizing all o…