Builder's Base - Day #3

Day 3 is about as boring as this game can get.  My Clash Maniac game is still so low in the trophies that I won't be getting much loot until I have the troops to trophy push into the 1000 range.  I ran a whopping five attacks; lost the first two, then won three in a row for 115,000 in resources.

I upgraded my elixir storage so I would have enough storage for the camp upgrade.  I then upgraded my Giants two levels and unlocked Minions in the Barracks.  That sapped both the elixir and most of my gold right there.  I did take the opportunity to use a little for resource collector upgrades as well, though.  The remaining gold I held onto for buying the Crusher tomorrow.

Only thing left to do now is trophy push a bit. 

This is the problem with a loot cap like the one in this game.  It severely limits the amount of time one can play, in this case to under ten minutes per day.  You can trophy push a little, but you quickly reach a point where you can no longer move up the ranks and just face losses when you can again raid for loot.  Of course, the goal is to get players to spend real money to release timers allowing more rapid advancement (they call these "freemium" or "pay to play" games for a reason).

The base I am using at the moment is an interesting one.  It's not a great base and can easily be rickrolled by experienced players.  It takes advantage of players at this particular trophy level though.  Once players reach BH3 and around 600-800 trophies, they typically get their first air troops, Minions.  Naturally, everyone wants to test them out and this base is designed to ensnare these players.  The firecrackers protect the right side of the base and the mines, in air mode, along with the Archer Tower protect the left.  This generally throws players for a loop. 

A good portion of successful defense early on in the game comes from anticipating what mistakes newer players will make then building the base in such a way as to take advantage of those mistakes.  You'll see this through all five of the Builder Halls.

More tomorrow when I can raid again....


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