Builder's Base - Day #5

Well...this is depressing.

I was able to get my BH3 game up to 889 trophies on just two army camps.  Today's lootable attacks went live so I started working on getting my third army camp.

And I lost every single battle down to 798 trophies.

I did not win a single battle for the better part of half an hour and every opponent was a BH3 game.  I can honestly say I have NEVER had such a bad losing streak across all six of my games.  The problem was the walls and armaments at the 800-900 trophies level.  Even with level 4 Giants, two simply could not break through the walls before they were decimated.  Base designs with spring traps would easily wipe out the Giants as well and having only six archers...that was bad.

So...I caved.  I coughed up the $1.80 and bought the third army camp to save my position in the trophy race and won the next three in a row.  Clearly that third camp needs to be bought before getting so high in the trophy rankings.  In fact, my new upgrade list for BH3 - drop everything you can, upgrade the elixir storage, buy the army camp, THEN trophy push, upgrade troops, etc.  

And that is exactly what I am doing on my other BH3 game right now.  I'm not sure how I missed this on the other four games.

Today's upgrades include...

Gold Storage to level 2
Cannons to level 2
Sneaky Archers to level 6
Hidden Tesla to level 2
Archer Tower to level 2

My rushed BH4 and BH5 games are also coming along nicely.  I decided to near-max the BH4 games;money is now upgrading to BH5 with everything except walls and troops fully maxed.  I did max the troops I use, of course.  The other BH4...I think I'm going to totally max it just to max.

This brings up the debate around maxing vs rushing.  On the Builder's Base, there's only a slight advantage to maxing right now.  Let's be real here - this game doesn't;t really require any skill to play and with a 3 attack loot cap...well....

The biggest advantage to rushing is getting bigger loot and faster access to new toys.  Neither is terribly impressive on this gamelet at all, but with only five levels available to us so far, it's a bit of a wash.

That's not to say rushing isn't a better strategy for getting ahead with the Builder Base game; it has its merits.  BH6 is expected out next week and rushing to get to BH6 will have greater value as it introduces a lot of additional play.  It will still make sense to either max or near max BH4 along the way though.


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