The update is here! Well, sort of....

Ok - it's been a while since I posted anything and, to be frank, I just haven't been playing.  I know - it's hard to believe that a Clash junkie like me would take several months off but let's be honest - the grind is just boring and SuperCell (SC) hasn't brought us any decent, new content in nearly a year and a half now.

A few months back, the energy started building around a new update that was going to hit in the April-May time frame.  It was going to be huge - earth shattering, even.  The YouTubers hyped the heck out of it and even SuperCell dropped lots of hints around how great it would be.   Word on the grapevine was that this was a real game-changer that would bring new content to CoC and rejuvenate the game. arrived with a big, resounding thud.  The new content was actually a gamelet called the "Builder's Base".  It was a combination of the basic design of Clash Royale (CR), Clash of Clans (CoC), and Boom Beach (BB), utilizing all of the money-making, freemium game concepts of the three.  Player vs Player (PvP) like CR, the Builder's Base has been dubbed "CoC v2" by a lot of players.

It's been a month, so I'll assume that most players have seen it and played it by now.  It's ok but suffers from all of the typical poor design, rush-to-deploy, issues that we've seen from SC for years.  The AI is horrendous, especially the Sneaky Archer who just runs nilly-willy all over the place, typically right into some defense that wipes them out.  There's a 3-win loot cap each day that makes it difficult to progress at anything approaching a reasonable rate.  Some defenses are grossly overpowered (OP) and the PvP matchmaking system is great at putting high powered players against much weaker players, which lowers trophies and subsequently potential loot.  The update also introduced new bugs to even the main game while totally ignoring everything the playerbase has been asking to see on the main game for years.

As you might have guessed...I'm not a fan of this new gamelet.  In order to keep up with the Joneses, though, you MUST play the Builder's Base; SC was smart here - they tied it to weapons upgrades on the main game that will eventually be battle deciding.

So...for the last month, I've been experimenting on 4 of my games.  I rushed all of them to Builder's Hall 4 (BH4) as quickly as possible then took two to BH5 while I max the other two.  Along the way, I've learned a few things....

1) Get to BH4 as fast as you can.
2) Max Archers and Giants along the way, then work on Baby Dragons.
3) Put down everything each new level brings as soon as you can; especially the multi-mortar at BH5.
4) Upgrading defenses has minimal effect other than maybe Archer Towers and Cannons.
5) Gear-up your main game defenses at the end of BH4.
6) The end of BH4 will put you up against BH5; when you only have big defense upgrades left on BH4, and Baby Dragons have been upgraded, make the jump to BH5.

I'm going to put this general rushing strategy to the test on my ClashManiac game starting this week.  I'll be posting base designs and progress each day as I go.  Stay tuned!


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