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How to recover from a bad rush....

You've started playing Clash of Clans, or maybe you've "inherited" a game from another player.  The game is rushed - crazy rushed even.  It's TH11 and still has TH3 level structures, or maybe it was a skinny-game used in war that doesn't even have most defenses down.

How on earth do you recover from such a game?

To test this out, I took a newly minted TH7 game and rushed it straight to TH11.  You can read about it here:

This game is my KussVonNacht game it was a mess.  But man oh man did I ever have fun recovering it.

You're probably asking how such an exercise could possibly be fun or even be done in the first place.  After all, we're talking a jump of essentially 5 levels, skipping TH7, TH8, TH9, and TH10 entirely.

It gave me a chance to really put my Clash skills to the test and plot my path forward.  As I said - this was a newly minted TH7 game; I hadn't even dropped…

Builder's Base Progress Check #4

I suppose I should really title this "Weekly'ish" progress check....

SO!  It's been about a week and a half since our last progress check and things are coming along quite nicely on all of the games.

My main game (Noctaire) has some BH6 maxed structures (AirBombs and FireCrackers).  This enabled me to finally push into the upper ranks of the game and it sits right now around 4200 trophies.  The season is about to end, so I've stopped pushing until the new season.  (Doesn't make much sense to reach for 5000 when I'll be dropped back to 4000 in a day or two anyway.)

The base I'm currently using is yet another diamond variant.  It's based on one that's popular in the top 200 but with the usual tweaks and such.  I've been seeing a lot more Mass Night Witch attacks, so I made sure to cover that from most angles as well.  I typically get around 3 wins out of 5 with this base so I can't complain.

My preferred attack right now is "Mitch&q…

Builder's Base: When to upgrade....'ve been playing the new Builder's Base a while and you've hit a serious rut.  All you see is one BH level above your own, even though you're barely mid-way through the BH level.  Is it time to upgrade?  Should you max everything...some things...nothing?

Unlike the main game of CoC, the BB does not really penalize rapid advancement.  In fact, if you wait too long to upgrade, you'll probably drop in trophies and suffer the slings and arrows of your opponents (sometimes literally!).  The real question, though is WHEN should you upgrade?

The first three levels of the game are a complete wash.  Really - they're as bogus as it gets, nothing but busy work.  I recommend players max each level and use this time to trophy push as high as you can.  Watch a movie and just keep on attacking.  After about a week, you'll have everything maxed to BH3 standards, be hanging out at about 1000 trophies, and can move up to BH4.  I wouldn't worry about walls yet; ju…

Builder's Base - Troops Review

The first three levels of the Builder's Base (BB) are brutally boring.  I flat out do not like the opening of the game; it's no fun at all.

The fourth level starts out the same, but finally starts to get decent when you have four camps and your Boxer Giants upgraded to level 8.  At that point, you can carry three to a camp and they are finally strong enough to take a beating.  My standing army at BH4 is 2 camps each, Boxer Giants and Sneaky Archers.  Properly deployed, this army gets me through much of BH4.

I save up elixir and gold, raiding like a maniac while the BH is upgrading to level 4, then I immediately upgrade elixir storage, raid again, and buy the fourth camp.  After that, all of my elixir goes into the Boxer Giant upgrades just to get the extra unit.  It really is a game changer, especially when you face so many BH5 opponents.

After that, I focus on Beta Minions to level 6 for the same reason (adds 2 units to camps), Bombers to level 4 (adds 1 unit to camps), then …

Main Game Touchpoint....

I've been focusing on the Builder's Base the last few weeks, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to bring everyone up to speed on my main games.

Last year, when I first launched this journal, I was focused on what was going on with Clash Maniac.  I started the game from scratch and had it up to TH7 in 20 days.  I hung out at TH7 a while, catching everything up and maxing structures.  That took about a month or so to complete.  The nice thing about it - I had a TH7 army, resources, and loot opportunities.  I spent probably 40 days at TH7 before cruising into TH8.  In my mind, TH8 is really more of an interim level; I don't want to spend too much time there because it doesn't really have a lot to offer.  By 5 months in, my troops were maxed at TH8 and lots of upgrades were completed.  So, I pulled the trigger on the TH9 upgrade and hit TH9 right about the 6 month mark.

Of course, that's when other things came up and the game went on hold.  My brand of strategic r…

Builder's Base - Issues with the game....

Ok - so, time for a little hard love.

When the Builder's Base (BB) first came out, I was NOT a fan.  I truly hated the idea that I was being pushed into what amounted to a new game when the original game still had so many problems.  I've softened my stance a bit over the last month; although I STILL want to see the main game fixed, I'm seeing potential for this new game as well.

That's not to say there aren't issues; there definitely are problems.

1) Slow as molasses - The loot cap is ridiculous.  I get what SuperCell (SC) is trying to do with it, slowing down progression and getting people to spend gems, but I'm accustomed to the open throttle of the main game and the BB takes forever.  The first three BH levels are no biggie, and I can even suffer through the slow pace of BH4 but taking more than a single day just to get enough resources to do an upgrade...especially when that upgrade itself will ALSO be 2-3 days?  That's just the pits.

2) One builder - …

Weekly Progress Check #3

OK - it's been about 10 days since I last checked in.  As always, you can follow the progress of my games directly, through your CoC app; just visit my clan by using the clan tag "#P8CGRG0C".  If you're on your tablet/phone, here's a link:
NOW - on to the update.  It's been a busy week or so.

ClashManiac is BH4 and continues to upgrade like mad.  Having had a chance to play the game since day one, and playing seven different games, I've come up with what I think will be my go-to rushing strategy for the Builder's Base (BB) and I've already been using it across all seven active games.

First and foremost - this game is definitely rusher friendly, but if you want to be successful, you need to take a pause at BH4 to max structures and get troops to level 8.  Walls aren't so important; I just get them all to level 3 and I'll work on those later, after I max BH8.  The reason …

Builder's Base - Current Base Designs...BH3, BH4, and BH5

OK - How about a round up of the current base designs I have in play on my Builder's Base games?  Here they are in all their glory....  (Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Noctaire - This is my main game, running a rushed BH5 at 3006 trophies.  It was the first one that I launched, so it's the furthest along.  This game is running a variant of the ever present, diamond shaped design that is probably the most popular base in the game today.  I expect to take it to BH6 in another week or two.  BTW - this base can be beaten by using the Bomber to bust the walls along one side, Beta Minions/Archers/Barbarians to clear junk buildings around the perimeter, then Giants and/or Battle Machine to take out the core.  There are a few videos on YouTube where they show how to do it but it's definitely a ground attack you'll want to use on this one; air attacks only work when someone exposes the air defenses to the outer perimeter.

NachtHerr - This is another rushed BH5 a…

Builder's Base - Weekly Progress Check #2

This weekend, I posted links and information on the 7 games where I'm currently playing the Builder Base, including how to see them online.  I also posted an article with the most recent base designs I have up - 3 BH5, 3 BH4, and 2 BH3.

Much of my time this last week has been spent tinkering with base designs.  Although the offensive play is what wins the trophies/loot, a solid base design that keeps most opponents to under 50% is very helpful.  The thing that's unique about this game is that there are a LOT of bad attackers...or at least players who have bad luck at any given time.  (Happens to all of us...I know that all too well!)

I've taken the collective trophy range of my BB games to 623-3006.  There's no doubt that the ranges are starting to settle in a bit, with certain BH levels carrying certain trophy ranges.  The introduction of BH6 is causing the upper trophy ranges to reset; as players rush their games to BH6, I'm seeing them as low as 2200ish trophies…

How do I find Noc's games?

Anyone wanting to check out the games I write about here, can visit my clan by using the clan tag "#P8CGRG0C".  If you're on your tablet/phone, here's a link:
The games I currently refer to are....
Noctaire - TH10, my main game.  Builder's Base rushed to BH5.
ClashManiac - Strategically rushed TH9; source for most of the content on the "Journal of a Rusher" series.  Builder's Base rushed to BH4.
NachtHerr - Strategically rushed TH9 that is currently working on heroes and getting walls to level 9.  Builder's Base rushed to BH5.
ZedVerteidigung - Rushed TH9 that was originally intended to be a defenseless...right up until I accidentally dropped an Archer Tower.  Builder's Base maxing each level, currently finishing up BH3.  
Psyberon - Stratgeically rushed TH9.  Builder's Base maxing BH4; currently working on walls, Bombers, and Gem Mine.
KussVonNacht - Premie'd TH11; jumpe…

Builder's Base - BH5 Base Designs

(Looking for BH5 base designs?  Click Here for 12!)

Anyone who has played BH5 in the 2400 trophy range has seen a base that is heavily used.  it's in the shape of a diamond and, when properly deployed, does quite a number against Baby Dragon or Beta Minion attacks.  I created a version of this of my own that I'm currently using on my own BH5 games.

The original design of this base - at least the one I see floating about the most - has the Air Bombs in the lower apex of the base.  The problem with this is that it exposes the Air Bombs to attack by Sneaky Archers and other troops.  A successful air defense uses the Air Bombs and Firecrackers; at BH5, you need to be able to defend against 12 Baby Dragons or 32 Beta Minions; that's not going to happen if Air Bombs can easily be taken down.

So...I moved them up toward the middle of the base.  To reach them, or the Firecrackers, you have to go through a bunch of other defenses and junk buildings.  I've also seen ground attac…