How do I find Noc's games?

Anyone wanting to check out the games I write about here, can visit my clan by using the clan tag "#P8CGRG0C".  If you're on your tablet/phone, here's a link:

The games I currently refer to are....

Noctaire - TH10, my main game.  Builder's Base rushed to BH5.

ClashManiac - Strategically rushed TH9; source for most of the content on the "Journal of a Rusher" series.  Builder's Base rushed to BH4.

NachtHerr - Strategically rushed TH9 that is currently working on heroes and getting walls to level 9.  Builder's Base rushed to BH5.

ZedVerteidigung - Rushed TH9 that was originally intended to be a defenseless...right up until I accidentally dropped an Archer Tower.  Builder's Base maxing each level, currently finishing up BH3.  

Psyberon - Stratgeically rushed TH9.  Builder's Base maxing BH4; currently working on walls, Bombers, and Gem Mine.

KussVonNacht - Premie'd TH11; jumped to TH11 from TH7 then recovered to a fairly formidable rushed TH11 with a mix of TH9-TH11 maxed defenses and nearly all offense maxed.  Builder's Base rushed to BH5

NaidCosanta - TH9 defenseless.  Builder's Base maxing, currently at BH3.

All in all, I have a total of 21 games.  The games I play most regularly are Noctaire, NachtHerr, KussVonNacht, and Psyberon.  I'm active on all 7 of the above right now, testing various base designs and upgrade strategies for the Builder's Base.  I end up getting a couple of hours of play in each day, sometimes a bit more depending on whether I'm doing something else or trophy pushing on a particular game.  As I've mentioned before, there's really not a whole lot to do on the Builder's Base, especially with the loot cap.  Every once in a while, I will binge watch a show on Netflix or such; I get a lot of attacks in on those days.  😜

Trophy ranges for my games are as low as 607 for NaidCosanta to 3006 for Noctaire.  I keep such a wide range so I can get a feel for what BH levels will perform best at what trophy levels for maximum loot with minimal time investment.  It's less about rapid advancement for me than it is about efficient game play.  I'm holding back on pulling the trigger for my BH6 upgrade until my main game has maxed storages and troops.

In days passed, I was what is often referred to on the forums as a "whale".  Although I've done LOTS of raids and ample war attacks, I also wanted some of my games to advance a little more quickly than the standard timer allowed so I gemmed as well.  Of course, once I had my games to where they covered the full gamut of defenses, offenses, and TH levels, there wasn't much benefit to buying gems other than getting past timers.  So...I've just been raiding resources, throwing up the occasional 14 days of shielded, boosted collectors, and playing more casually.  I've chosen to take the more casual approach to the Builder's Base as well, spending my hard earned cash elsewhere.

Many of the base designs you'll see on my games are my own; some are taken from other sources, and still others are modified versions of popular Internet/forum base designs.  I'll post them here on the Journal (usually with credits to the originals where appropriate).  If you have questions about the designs of bases used on any of my games, just drop me a note.

Catch y'all later...!


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