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Builder's Base - BH5 Base Designs

Over the next week or so, I will be moving all of my BH5 games up to BH6.  I think I've just spent as much time at BH5 as I can, experimenting with various attack strategies and base designs.  I'm sure I'll eventually start another game after the full BHs have been released but, for now, I'm moving it all up the ladder.

BUT...fear not, for I have a parting gift from my time at BH5.  12 base designs that I have used over the last several months.  Anyone who has followed my blog and forum posts, know that I've had some real mixed luck with BH5 base designs.  BH6 can typically overwhelm and at least 2-star every design I've created or seen, especially at higher trophy levels.  Each of the below bases has something to offer, depending upon where you're at in your BH5 journey and what's going on at any given time in the game's meta.

Without further ado, I give you 12 BH5 base designs to play with....

Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 10....

We are about 10 days in on the Phoenix Abyss Hyper-Rush project.A few days back, I upgraded the game to BH4 and I continue to follow the basic, hyper-rush upgrade path we established earlier:
1) Drop everything new 2) Upgrade storages as required 3) Upgrade the Star Laboratory 4) Upgrade Barracks 5) Upgrade key troops 6) Upgrade defensive structures while awaiting non-builder upgrades to finish (namely troops) 7) Upgrade BH
This worked well with BH3 and we’re doing the same on BH4.
All new items have been dropped and are on the game grid.The Elixir Storage was upgraded, Gold Storage still needs to be upgraded but there’s a little time on that so I focused first on other elixir upgrades, specifically the Star Laboratory.At BH3, the key troops were Sneaky Archers and Raged Barbarians; I took them up to level 6 at BH3, maxing the key troops as the hyper-rush upgrade guide requires.BH4, though, introduces a change in attack strategies for me as I move to Mass Beta Minions (MBM).So far, …

Builder's Base Strategy - BH5...stay or upgrade to BH6?

I was all set to put together a video on Mass Beta Minion (MBM) today - I've been saving replays all week from all of my games.  For some reason, the "BH5 - Should I stay or should I go?" topic has been coming up a lot on the forums, so I decided to address this topic once more.

A lot of the forumers are convinced that you simply can NOT max/near-max BH5 without it being a horrible experience.  The moment anyone complains about unfair matches, the immediate response is to upgrade to BH6 or accept your fate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is absolutely no reason why you cannot max or near-max BH5 if you choose to do so.  The key to being successful, however, is to have decent troops, a decent base design, realistic expectations, and patience.

I currently have four BH5 games running.  My newest BH6 games were near-maxed at BH5 (everything but walls and Cannon Carts) and one of my current BH5s (Psyberon) is actually maxing; everything but walls, t…

Builder's Base Attack Strategies - Part 1

There is a large contingent of players who like to break bases down and shoot for the three star win.  To do this, you need to really analyze a base; to dismantle it in much the same way as you would build it.

Building a base and attacking a base are really just the opposite sides of the same coin.  A good builder asks himself how another player might attack the base, then he builds it in such a way as to hopefully thwart said attack.  A good attacker asks himself about the build.

Whenever you start to attack a base, ask some basic questions....

1) Should I go with ground or should I go with air?
2) Where would the hidden stuff be...mines, Tesla Tower?
3) What direction does this base designer WANT me to attack from and what kind of attack did he/she design around?
4) How will my troops path if I drop them here, or there?
5) Can I get key air/ground defenses down so my troops will survive long enough to do some decent damage?

I usually start with whether a base should go with a ground…

Builder's Base Strategy - BH5 Upgrade Guide

Although I’ve talked a lot about BH5 and what I’ve done there, I’ve never really broken out a formal “Upgrade Guide” like I did with BH6.So, without further ado…here’s my BH5 Upgrade Guide!
BH5 adds more fun, especially in the troop department.In a lot of ways, I really think the game becomes fun at BH5 and a lot of that is because you finally get your Battle Machine.
What’s new at BH5….
Battle Machine More Walls Push Trap Spring Trap MultiMortar Elixir Collector Gold Mine Elixir Storage Gold Storage
Your new troop at BH5 is the Cannon Cart, but, to be completely honest, it’s not very useful.I’ve actually forgotten to upgrade the Barracks and I don’t upgrade the Cannon Cart in the lab at all.
Note that this guide is geared toward players who are moving through the game at a more measured pace; those who are hyper-rushing will be following a different path (see my article on the art of hyper-rushing).
Base Upgrades
Step 1 - Drop everything that you get new at BH6.
Right away, your init…

Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 2....

Ok - We are officially on day number two for our hyper-rush game.  Yesterday, I cleaned up the much neglected main game base for Phoenix Abyss and picked up a couple hundred more gems.  So, I decided to put some gems into buying two more days of lootable attacks (in other words, I gemmed the attack timer twice so my attacks yielded resources) BUT not before I trophy pushed to 572 cups.
As a result of this heinous act of gemification, I was able to put down the new walls, traps/mines, Cannon, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, upgraded the Elixir Storage, dropped the Hidden Tesla, and finished off the raids to get just enough elixir to drop the third Army Camp.  (In F2P progress terms, I've just wrapped day number 3.)
I want to emphasized that I trophy pushed BEFORE gemming the loot timer.  Had I reset the timer beforehand, it just wouldn't have been worth it.  Long made short - I would only have been able to drop half of what I bought from the shop.  I pushed as far as I could with w…

Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 1....

One thing we hear frequently on the forums, is that players should rush to the highest Builder's Hall level available, as quickly as possible, as there is no penalty for doing so.  While this statement is, in general, true, it comes with a caveat.  Specifically…

You still have to rush smartly.

There is an art to rushing on a SuperCell game, whether it is Clash of Clans, the CoC Builder's Base, or Boom Beach.  A smart rush follows a set of minimum rules as you advance through the Tower levels.  The rules should make it organized and enable you to function at the next level of play.

For CoC's BB, that means....

1) Drop everything new
2) Upgrade storages as required
3) Upgrade the Star Laboratory
4) Upgrade Barracks
5) Upgrade key troops
6) Upgrade defensive structures while awaiting non-builder upgrades to finish (namely troops)
7) Upgrade BH

Upgrades are minimal in a hyper-rush strategy; you literally do the absolute minimum required to get to the next level as a functional…

Builder's Base: Status Update & GwN

Time for a quick status update on the Builder's Base games!

Noctaire, my main game, continues to upgrade everything to BH6 levels.  The last troop upgrade for Bombers is underway, leaving only the Cannon Cart.  I've never put much stock in the Cannon Cart, so it's still level 1.  I'll begin upgrading it this weekend though.  The air defenses are all level 6, and both mines and traps are maxed, so I moved on to the Archer Towers; the last one wrapped up yesterday.  Next on the list are the Double Cannons, just to add a little grief to inbound Battle Machines.

Nachtherr and KussVonNacht are both on the BH6 upgrade path now.  Nachtherr finished the BH upgrade the other day; I immediately dropped all of the new items and now I'm working on getting them up to level 5 to match others on the game grid.  KussVonNacht should finish the BH upgrade tomorrow and it will be the same for him - drop everything on the game grid, bring it up even with the existing structures, the…

Builder's Base Strategy - BH6 Upgrade Guide

We've talked a lot about BH5 and what path I push my games along to get through BH5.  That leaves us with the next topic - BH6.

BH6 adds some new toys as you'd expect - there's a third Archer Tower, a second Crusher, and, of course the Roaster.  You also get 4 new wall pieces, one mine, and one MegaMine.

Base Upgrades

Step 1 - Drop everything that you get new at BH6.

Right away, your initial focus needs to be getting the new defenses on the game grid.  This is always the case when upgrading your BH because the new defenses will put you ahead of those you left behind at the previous BH level.

Step 2 - Make the new stuff match the old stuff.

This is also a standard step for my games - I upgrade anything new to match their counterparts from the previous level.  In the case of BH6, you'll want to bring the Archer Tower to level 5 and the mines/MegaMine to level 5 as well.  Get the Crusher up to level 4 (level 5 is where it gets expensive).  I'd make this the last of the…

Builder Base Strategy - When should I upgrade my Battle Machine?

One of the topics that keeps coming up in BB strategy threads is when is the best time to upgrade the Battle Machine?

The Battle Machine provides a major tank at early BH5 and seals the deal mid-to-late BH5.  A level 5 Battle Machine is absolutely essential to success at BH6 and as you get closer to the point of upgrading to BH7, you'll want it at level 10.

So...what's the best upgrade path?

1) The Battle Machine should be one of the FIRST things you should GET at BH5.

Let's get this one out of the way right off the bat - once you hit BH5, the very first thing you should do with your elixir is get the Battle Machine.  You don't need to upgrade it at all; just get it for the tanking value.  Of course, you'll be upgrading your storages to have the capacity required to repair the Battle Machine, but prioritize this for the first few days.

2) The Battle Machine is one of the LAST things you should UPGRADE at BH5.

This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but stick with me…

Base Design - TH9/TH10 - The Raven v3.0

It's been a while since I posted my original rendition of the TH10 base I called "The Raven".  The design was based around Aphrodi's original "Crows" design.  Over the last several months, it's undergone a number of small changes.  I thought it was overdue to bring it back to the blog.

One big change - I've taken the design and applied it to one of my TH9 games as well.  As such, the base can now be used for either TH9 or TH10 as it essentially "grows" with your game.

TH9 - Raven Base v3.0 Layout

TH10 - Raven Base v3.0 Layout

The Raven is an open base design that relies on pathing and distraction to decimate opposing armies before they reach the core.  It's primary goal is to protect the dark elixir storage; gold and elixir are less important at higher TH levels, so they become distractions and are dispersed to reduce potential losses.

Over the course of the last year, there have been a number of changes to the game's meta.  Players …

Builder Base Attack Strategy - "Mitch"

My favorite attack strategy for my BH6 game is something called, "Mitch".  There are two ways to run it - one with 3 camps Beta Minions and 1 camp Night Witches, and another that has 2 camps of each.  In either case, the basic design of the attack is the same.  This attack works best with level 12 troops, but you can usually get away with level 10 against most rushed bases and BH5.

First and foremost - let's talk about what will tank this attack quicker'n quick as this will largely determine your deployment strategy.

The biggest enemy to the Mitch attack are the AirBombs and the Roaster.  These two defenses dish out a LOT of splash damage to air troops and since Beta Minions are at their best when they're grouped together, you can quickly see where this would be a problem.

FireCrackers are a secondary threat.  If they have a long time to work on your air troops, they'll definitely sap the power of the attack.  Most of the time…

Builder's Base - BH5 has arrived!

Last week was a banner week for my level 4 Builder's Base games.  Each one (three in all) were finally upgraded to BH5.

In each case, I took the apparently unusual step of first maxing every structure on the game grid, most or all of the troops, and leaving the walls at level 2/3.     I say "apparently unusual" because it would appear the ONLY way to play right now is to rush to BH6 just as soon as you can.  Of course, I say hogwash to that.  Yes, it has its benefits but it's not necessary and maxing structures and troops along the way will put you in the best position to be successful at the next level.  At the very least, you've got to max key troops anyway and it doesn't take much longer to max the structures.

I have a very straightforward approach to BH5.

1) Raid during the BH upgrade to fill storages to max.  BH4 defenses are maxed and fully operational, so there's really no reason to not raid and having the resources ready to spend when the BH upgra…

Builder's Base: The problem with matchmaking....

Ok - this topic is raging on the forums and some players just don't get the issue.

Players are complaining about being matched up to higher level players and being unable to win matches.  Every time a player loses a match, he/she drops trophies.  The lower the trophies, the lower the daily loot earnings.  The less loot you earn, the longer it takes to upgrade your base.

There's a sweet spot for each level of Builder's Hall where that BH sits comfortably and will maintain trophies if the player has upgraded smartly.  For BH4, the range runs 1000-1800 cups; for BH5 it goes up to 2500 or so trophies.  BH6 runs 2500-3200 or so.  If you can reach these trophy levels, just run your 3 lootable raids each with a solid win:loss'll hold up just fine.

The problem, though, is that the matchmaker is based primarily around cups.  That means a BH6 game at 1200 trophies will end up matched to the BH4s that reside there and that just ain't a fair fight.   The standard i…

Builder's Base: Hello BH5!

Well...I pulled the rip cord on my Clash Maniac game this past weekend and took him to BH5.  The upgrade finished yesterday and I set about getting the new level developing.

I maxed everything on the BH4 game out, except for walls, before starting the upgrade.  I wanted to make sure I went into BH5 with an absolutely solid offense and defense because I know it will be no time at all before I'm facing BH6 match-ups.  I also know full good and well I won't see any BH4s even though I just upgraded to BH5 and faced nothing but BH5s the entire time I was above 1600 trophies.  (BTW - I was at roughly 1800 trophies when I upgraded.)

I took the two days of BH upgrading to fill my storages.  My goal was simple - I wanted to be able to drop everything new, right away, and focus on getting the Battle Machine (BM).  The BM is great as a tank for other troops and running the "sprint for the BH" strategy.

Day 1 of the new level - everything dropped.  I had to wait for one more se…