Builder's Base Attack Strategies - Part 1

There is a large contingent of players who like to break bases down and shoot for the three star win.  To do this, you need to really analyze a base; to dismantle it in much the same way as you would build it.

Building a base and attacking a base are really just the opposite sides of the same coin.  A good builder asks himself how another player might attack the base, then he builds it in such a way as to hopefully thwart said attack.  A good attacker asks himself about the build.

Whenever you start to attack a base, ask some basic questions....

1) Should I go with ground or should I go with air?
2) Where would the hidden stuff be...mines, Tesla Tower?
3) What direction does this base designer WANT me to attack from and what kind of attack did he/she design around?
4) How will my troops path if I drop them here, or there?
5) Can I get key air/ground defenses down so my troops will survive long enough to do some decent damage?

I usually start with whether a base should go with a ground attack or an air attack.  The positioning of defensive structures and junk buildings largely determine which attack mode is best.

Bases with a lot of junk buildings on the outside, but all (or most) within range of Cannons, Double Cannons, Archer Towers, and the MultiMortar...they're not really the best kinds of bases to attack with ground troops.  Often, the base will have one side that looks like it's totally open to a ground attack.  Of course, that's where you'll usually find mines, Hidden Tesla Tower, Spring Traps, and Push Traps.  Often, that open wall is guarded by one (or both, if you're BH6) of the Crushers.

Positioning of air defenses are the flip side of this question.  Centrally positioned FireCrackers, AirBombs, and Roaster are little different for air as the junk buildings around the outside are for ground.  A bunch of buildings are positioned around the air defenses and the BH so your air troops spend a lot of time pounding on these while the air targeting defenses pound on them.

A hybrid base, with buildings of all types scattered about together presents its own unique challenges.  Pathing and attack vectors become much more of an issue when you get a base that spreads its defenses out more.  (Side note: This is also why these bases tend to be better defenders than others.)  To attack such a base, spend more time on pathing and identifying where the designer wants your attack to deploy.

The next two questions go together and speak particularly well to the hybrid base design - where's all the hidden stuff and from what direction does the designer want my attack to launch?

I mentioned the base with the big open wall earlier; CLEARLY a designer is "encouraging" you to start your attack there.  In today's video, I also show a base that has double walls in some places, and three openings - one of which is huge compared to the other two.  If you take a little time to look for openings, positioning of the base on the game grid, how close it is to the edges of the game grid, where "bare spots" are around the outside, how key defenses are laid'll see the path the base designer wants you to take when you attack.

Now...that's not to say that the path the designer sets up is a bad one.  Often, you can deploy troops in such a way as to upset the balance of space and time here.  Case in point - the base with the big opening probably has mines and spring/push traps where the troops would enter the, send in a sacrificial lamb or two to spring the traps.

Pathing of your troops is always an important thing to consider here as well.  Will they go left, right, central or...?  Are they going to run into the loving embrace of the Crushers, or will they bypass and go toward the BH instead?

Every troop's AI has logic that controls where it goes.  Giants go for the nearest defense; the Battle Machine has a love-hate relationship with FireCrackers (which is why you want to put a Crusher right next to them when you design your bases); other troops will go from one structure to another, locking upon whatever is closest as they move.  Charting the rough path that your troops will take is key to successful deployment.  (Caveat: Some troop AI goes temporarily insane, most notably the Sneaky Archer and the Battle Machine.)

Lastly, ask yourself - Can I path these troops to key air/ground defenses in such a way that the bulk will survive to attack another structure?  Beta Minions and FireCrackers just seem to come together like moths to the flames; I can hardly count the number of times my Beta Minions will be going strong, huge pack of 'em, and then they get close enough to the FireCrackers to be decimated.  Inevitably, they get hung up on an high HP structure and fly to the side where they are within range of the FireCrackers.  I actively consider this when deploying my troops and drop them in such a way that I hope they will follow corner to corner to corner of certain structures and end up on the side opposite the air targeting defenses.  This same idea applies to any troop deployment...ground, air, or both.

These basic questions are the ones you will ask yourself over and over again as you attack almost every base in the game.  The right answers will typically earn you higher percentage destroyed and more stars.  Of course, there will always be exceptions; especially with the Battle Machine and Sneaky Archers, both of which I am absolutely convinced raid my liquor cabinet before I start my daily attacks.

Hopefully you found this first article on general attack strategies helpful.  Be sure to follow the blog and visit my new YouTube channel (Like and Subscribe!).  Many of my blog entries complement a video; this one in particular matches up with Part 1 of the same video series and you can find it here...

Thanks and check back often for more CoC discussi!


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