Builder's Base - BH5 Base Designs

Over the next week or so, I will be moving all of my BH5 games up to BH6.  I think I've just spent as much time at BH5 as I can, experimenting with various attack strategies and base designs.  I'm sure I'll eventually start another game after the full BHs have been released but, for now, I'm moving it all up the ladder.

BUT...fear not, for I have a parting gift from my time at BH5.  12 base designs that I have used over the last several months.  Anyone who has followed my blog and forum posts, know that I've had some real mixed luck with BH5 base designs.  BH6 can typically overwhelm and at least 2-star every design I've created or seen, especially at higher trophy levels.  Each of the below bases has something to offer, depending upon where you're at in your BH5 journey and what's going on at any given time in the game's meta.

Without further ado, I give you 12 BH5 base designs to play with....








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