Builder's Base: Status Update & GwN

Time for a quick status update on the Builder's Base games!

Noctaire, my main game, continues to upgrade everything to BH6 levels.  The last troop upgrade for Bombers is underway, leaving only the Cannon Cart.  I've never put much stock in the Cannon Cart, so it's still level 1.  I'll begin upgrading it this weekend though.  The air defenses are all level 6, and both mines and traps are maxed, so I moved on to the Archer Towers; the last one wrapped up yesterday.  Next on the list are the Double Cannons, just to add a little grief to inbound Battle Machines.

Nachtherr and KussVonNacht are both on the BH6 upgrade path now.  Nachtherr finished the BH upgrade the other day; I immediately dropped all of the new items and now I'm working on getting them up to level 5 to match others on the game grid.  KussVonNacht should finish the BH upgrade tomorrow and it will be the same for him - drop everything on the game grid, bring it up even with the existing structures, then follow my standing BH6 upgrade path.

Psyberon is a few days behind the other, senior BH5 games and I'm toying with the idea of leaving him at BH5 while I upgrade the walls.  As I've said may times in the past, I just don't put much effort into walls because they're too easy to bypass; this is especially the case with the Builder's Base where you can literally change up your army composition after you've seen your opponent's base.  However, I'll have 3 BH6 and 3 BH5 games going in addition to Psyberon so....

The baby BH5s - ZedVerteidigung, ClashManiac, & NaidCosanta - are all coming along just fine.  In each case, I've dropped everything new to BH5 and brought new structures to even with existing structures.  The Star Laboratory has been upgrade as have Beta Minions (ZedVerteidigung has L10 Beta Minions and the other two are currently upgrading them).  First order of business - get air defenses to level 5 starting with the FireCrackers.  That is underway right now.  Key troops are already maxed for BH4, although there are few non-essential troops that still need upgrading so I'll get to those eventually as well.

On the trophy front, Noctaire is in the mid-to-upper 4500s, while Nachtherr/KussVonNacht/Psyberon are dangling around 2500-2700.  ZedVerteidigung and ClashManiac have crossed solidly into the 2200+ trophy range; Naid Cosanta is dragging behind a bit and actually dipped back under 2000 after a string of losses.  All in all, very respectable placement for each of the games.

Here shortly, we'll begin a new series tracking PhoenixAbyss as he goes from a broken boat to BH6 as fast as possible.  I'll be starting the new game in a day or two and likely won't post much the first couple of days as it's pretty boring running those first three BH levels.  I've also received some great ideas from the forums for future articles/videos that will be featured next week.

As I write these articles, I've come to realize that a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is especially the case when you're talking about things like how to run certain attacks, upgrade strategies, base designs...all things I discuss on this blog.

So I've started up a YouTube channel called, "Gaming with Noc".  It's basic and I'll be the first to admit I'm on the learning curve here, but it's definitely time.  My 9 year old even put together a lead-in for me to add to my videos.  (Hey - who can say no to that?!)

The channel is live with its first two videos - one showing Mitch Attack strategy replays (mentioned earlier) and another posted today that talks a little about BH5 and shows replays from my favorite BH5 attack - Mass Beta Minion.  I even put up a status update video to go with this blog article.

The shortened URL is....

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