Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 1....

One thing we hear frequently on the forums, is that players should rush to the highest Builder's Hall level available, as quickly as possible, as there is no penalty for doing so.  While this statement is, in general, true, it comes with a caveat.  Specifically…

You still have to rush smartly.

There is an art to rushing on a SuperCell game, whether it is Clash of Clans, the CoC Builder's Base, or Boom Beach.  A smart rush follows a set of minimum rules as you advance through the Tower levels.  The rules should make it organized and enable you to function at the next level of play.

For CoC's BB, that means....

1) Drop everything new
2) Upgrade storages as required
3) Upgrade the Star Laboratory
4) Upgrade Barracks
5) Upgrade key troops
6) Upgrade defensive structures while awaiting non-builder upgrades to finish (namely troops)
7) Upgrade BH

Upgrades are minimal in a hyper-rush strategy; you literally do the absolute minimum required to get to the next level as a functional player.  That means we'll only be upgrading key troops along the way and upgrades that require a builder are just done in between, using up the gold while we wait for the troops to get to a point that we can use them.

Troops used at BH1-BH3 are typically Barbarians, Archers, and Giants.  BH4 uses these briefly as well, but switches over to air attacks with the Beta Minions and Baby Dragons about midway through and that carries us into BH6.  This will be our upgrade order for troops.

The Phoenix Abyss account is now following this process to hyper-rush from zero to BH6.  I launched it today with a new video.  BH2 was laid out, the above steps followed, and the BH3 upgrade run.  Of course, Day 1 lootable attacks are only enough to finance BH2, so everything is on hold until tomorrow when additional resources can be earned to fuel the buys/upgrades.

In the meantime, I'm doing a little trophy pushing.  The goal is to get as high in the trophies as possible BEFORE the lootable attacks timer runs out.  That way, even if I lose attacks, I'll still be getting more than if I hadn't pushed.  I think I can get as far as maybe 600 cups with my BH2 equivalent capabilities, but that will be about it.

On day 2, I will run my attacks to get loot, drop what I can, upgrade what I can, and keep plugging away.  In just a few days, the game should be at BH4.

Catch the video at:


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