Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 2....

Ok - We are officially on day number two for our hyper-rush game.  Yesterday, I cleaned up the much neglected main game base for Phoenix Abyss and picked up a couple hundred more gems.  So, I decided to put some gems into buying two more days of lootable attacks (in other words, I gemmed the attack timer twice so my attacks yielded resources) BUT not before I trophy pushed to 572 cups.

As a result of this heinous act of gemification, I was able to put down the new walls, traps/mines, Cannon, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, upgraded the Elixir Storage, dropped the Hidden Tesla, and finished off the raids to get just enough elixir to drop the third Army Camp.  (In F2P progress terms, I've just wrapped day number 3.)

I want to emphasized that I trophy pushed BEFORE gemming the loot timer.  Had I reset the timer beforehand, it just wouldn't have been worth it.  Long made short - I would only have been able to drop half of what I bought from the shop.  I pushed as far as I could with what was essentially a BH2 game.  To be honest, I didn't think I'd get so close to 600 cups.

The goal at BH3 is to get the Elixir Storage down and upgraded so you have the capacity to buy the third Army Camp.  You can really put everything else down in any order you like, so long as you prioritize that Elixir Storage.

Walls and a closed base are the keys to success in the early stages of BH3.  A few structures on the outside to occupy troops while they are under bombardment and walls to slow them down will work wonders for your win:loss ratio at this level.  Of course, the Hidden Tesla alone will also decimate enemy troops from a distance, even with most open base designs.

I once started a BH1-BH3 strategy guide when I realized - the first three levels are really a wash.  The only things you need to remember:

  1. Get through BH2 as fast as possible.
  2. At BH3, drop the Elixir Storage and upgrade it as soon as possible so you can buy the third Army Camp.
  3. Push trophies like mad at BH3.
  4. Max key troops before you upgrade to BH4.
  5. Upgrade your Gold Storage before you upgrade to BH4.
  6. Fill your storages before/during the BH3->BH4 upgrade.

That's it; that's everything you need to know about the first three BH levels.  I know - it's not terribly exciting.  If ever there's a time to invest 5 or 10 in your's the time to do it so you can start really building things up.

I hopped back into the game this afternoon and cleared collectors.  This, and the little left over from the previous day's raids, gave me enough to upgrade some traps, the Barracks, and the Star Laboratory.  Oh...and did I mention I pushed a bit more and reached 1063 trophies...?

Later tonight, the loot timer will give me my next set of lootable attacks and I should get around 150K-200K in resources.  I'll use that to upgrade the gold storage and troops, and buy the Crusher and FireCrackers.  Once everything is down and the Gold Storage is upgraded, I'll launch the BH4 upgrade as soon as I have the gold saved up. Along the way, I'll probably end up upgrading a few traps/defenses if time permits; just depends on how the loot from raids shakes out.

But wait...!  What about the Gem Mine, Noc?

The Gem Mine is another building for the enemy to pound upon, but it offers no other value and sucks 120K in Elixir out of our progress (so...basically a day).  Since this is a hyper-rush and our goal is to get to BH6 as fast as possible, the Gem Mine will have to wait.  It's a sprint, so I will probably take the resources from mid-BH4 to repair both the Gem Mine and the Clock Tower.

Here's the link to the latest video....


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