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CoC BB - BH7 - GiWitch Attack Strategy - Boxer Giants & Night Witches

Some of the guys on the forums have been telling me they’re having great luck running GiWitch - one camp of Boxer Giants, four camps of Night Witches.  This combo in and of itself isn’t particularly new; we ran it all the time at BH6.  The difference here, though - we have a fifth Army Camp!

I was always a Mitch guy at BH6, occasionally dipping into my Baby Dragons if the base warranted it.  GiWitch never quite seemed to work for me, but then again, I also didn’t really put the time into figuring it out either.  What I had was working, so I was good with where things were at the time.

BH7 is a whole new meta, though, so I’m trying everything out this week!  “LouBaby” told me I needed to check this one out, so I spent a few hours tonight working on it.  I gotta say - it’s fun and it works pretty darn good once you figure it out!

The spread is simple - 1 camp of Boxer Giants to tank, 4 camps of Night Witches to wreak havoc and mayhem.  The key to success is in the tanking - you’ve got t…

CoC BB - BH7 Minion Drops Attack Strategy

Ok - I have a new favorite attack strategy at BH7.
This attack strategy is pretty straightforward - it’s 2 camps of Drop Ships, 3 camps of Beta Minions, and LOTS of fun.
Deployment starts with placing Drop Ships in such a way that they will act as a tank for the Beta Minions, on approach to one or more of the major defense structures - AirBombs, Roaster, and/or Giant Cannon.Beta Minions go down right away, just behind the Drop Ships, so they can fire PAST the Drop Ships while hiding behind them.
This is important - Drop Ships have a tendency to get hung up on high HP structures like storages.Even worse - if they land over a Crusher, they’ll just stay there until something shoots them down (they drop the Larrys but the Crusher blows them all at one time).
The Drop Ships work their way in toward the middle of the base, distracting air targeting defenses while the Beta Minions clear things in front of them.The Beta Minions are the source of mass destruction here - they jus…

CoC BB - BH7 Day One!

Day one has been BUSY!  I stayed up late last night - until about 3a or 4a - just trophy pushing and running one attack after another.  After getting myself together this morning, I sat down and worked on all of the BH6 games then started hitting my BH7 game for MORE attacks.

I started BH7 off just below 4000 trophies, kicked it up to 4500 (ranked 115 in the US!), then settled back down around 4300.  Today I made it up around 4500 again and right now I am at 4424.  My BH6 games are already taking hits as they come up against much tougher BH6 players - my highest is at 4001 with the others running 3100-3500.

The trophy game is tough right now.  4000+ is occupied with LOTS of BH7 games that players gemmed.  In fact, by the time I hit 4200, that's all I was seeing.  Likewise, there were a lot of really tough BH7 games in there - easily half of the games I went up against last night were fully maxed.  Today has been a little better as I'm seeing more of what I expect - players who…

CoC BB - The BH7 Upgrade Has Arrived!

Omigosh, omigosh, OMIGOSH!It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!
Builder’s Hall 7 upgrade is finally live and, of course, I went upgrade crazy on day one.
I had about 800K in gold saved up, so I ended up spending about 1300 gems to fill my Gold Storages for the upgrade (1.8M gold) then I gemmed the timer (another 1300 or so gems).At that point, this little beauty popped up….

Now THAT’S a deal.I mean, sure, if you’re all about F2P then you would prefer not to spend ANY money, but come on….A LEVEL 4 GIANT CANNON!That’s 4.5 days of upgrade time and 8.6M gold.That ALONE makes the deal but then they throw in 2M gold and elixir which, BTW, will be allowed to overflow your storages because they let bonus packs do that.So…my elixir storages, which have been at 2M for a while now, suddenly jump to 4M.What does that mean?Well…it means that I buy the fifth Army Camp right away.The additional 2M in gold is enough to buy the 4 new wall units, the new FireCrackers, the new Hidden Tesla….You guessed it -…

Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 35....

It's been about 10 days since I wrote an update on the Phoenix Abyss hyper-rush game.  The game is at day 35 or thereabouts and coming along quite nicely.  All defenses - except the Roaster (L1) and MultiMortar (L2) - are now at level 3 or level 4.  FireCrackers are at level 4 and I'm working on the Cannons first then Archer Towers next.

The Battle Log is looking pretty good; 7 out of the last 10 attacks are wins (it was 8 out of 10 until I ran an attack a little bit ago that went belly up).  Trophies have advanced well also; I'm hovering around 2400 cups which is 315K or so in daily loot.
Beta Minions are at level 10 with level 11 just around the corner.  I anticipate having level 12 done in the next few days and that will put our attacks on par with many (most?) early BH6 offenses.  Battle Machine is still level 1, of course, but that hasn't been hurting the game very much so far.
The Mass Beta Minion attack strategy is serving me well.  In any given day, I hit the l…

Builder's Base Attack Strategy - "Mass Beta Minion"

This write up is long overdue.  I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the spammiest, but probably most effective overall, attack strategy for late BH4, all of BH5, and much of BH6...


(Hear that in your head with your best John Cena announcer voice....)

Mass Beta Minions (MBM) is a very simple strategy - you just drop 4 camps of Beta Minions on the base and let them do their thing.  Air defenses typically can't stop them from pulling out a solid one star and at least a low percentage two star win.  In fact, at BH4 and early BH5, you can drop them all in one place, exit the game, restart the game, and will often have 60% or better destruction when you come back.  (The AI takes over and runs the attack; saves time if you use the Clock Tower to get through your attacks more quickly.)  Of course, those with a level 5 Battle Machine (or higher) would never do this for obvious reasons.

That said...there actually IS a little strategy involved in Mass Beta Minions …

CoC TH8 Attack Strategy - HeGiWiz....

All this talk and fun on the Builder's Base, but you didn't think we forgot about our main game now, did ya?!

We've been playing the BB like mad men here, but we also spend a little time working on our main games as well (especially in between BB attacks).  The Phoenix Abyss game, as well as WolfNinja, are both TH8.  There's an attack strategy that we use for farming starting with TH8 that uses Healers, Giants, Wizards, and sometimes a few WallBreakers.  It's pretty straightforward but man oh man - does it ever work well.

This attack strat works on any and every TH8 base design - whether it is an open base, a donut style base, or even if it has a ton of compartments within the base.  At TH9, it works on just about everything as well; TH8 players can easily use it against over-rushed TH9 games, TH8.5 games, and dead TH9 bases.  Although it's really for farming, it can be used in Clan Wars if the base design is susceptible (and most TH8 bases are).

The TH8 compos…

CoC BB - BH6 Base Designs - Part 2 - The Diamonds

Welcome back to Part 2 of our BH6 Base Design series!  This article takes a quick look at diamond shaped bases commonly in use among the upper ranked players of the game.

I've used all of these at one time or another on one of my BH6 games and I have to say...they all work pretty well up and down the trophy rankings.  As always - YMMV.  The meta changes frequently and a base that works well today may suddenly be wiped out tomorrow.  Be sure to visit Part 1 of our series where we talk about boxed style bases.  Between that and this article, you'll have 17, solid BH6 base designs to use on your game.

On with the show....

1) Open Diamond Base

This is easily my personal favorite and the one I've had the best luck with across my games.  The open design renders walls ineffective as blockades except to the far right side.  This base does well against most attacks and is rarely three starred, even at higher trophy rankings.

2) Diamond Compartments Base

This base uses compartments…

CoC BB - BH6 Base Designs - Part 1 - The Boxes

As we start the series on Builder Base level 6 base designs.  BH6 introduces a few more structures and walls, finally providing enough mass for us to have a few decent base designs to play with.  This two part series will look at 14 base designs that are commonly used at BH6 and popular throughout the upper trophy ranks.

In Part 1, we're going to talk box base designs.  This includes pretty much any base that is in the shape of a box.  I've used all of these at one time or another and I like to switch things up here and there.  (The benefit of having 8 games running at BH6.)

Without further ado....

1) The Original Brackets Base

This is the original version of the Brackets Base we all know and despise.  There are a few variants of this base - typically moving the core about a bit - but one thing they all have in common - openings at either end and in the middle sides, with the latter guarded by Crushers and FireCrackers.  Having the FireCrackers right next to …

Builder's Base: "It's just not fair!" (Well...let's talk....)

A common thread on the forums is that the Builder's Base is just not fair.  BH4 is put up against BH5; BH5 is put up against BH6; low level XYZ has to fight higher level XYZ....

There are a lot of different sides to this story.  First and foremost, as you get higher in the trophy rankings, you'll be more likely to face other players who are more advanced than you.  SuperCell has told us that matches are based on trophy levels; the stronger the game, the higher it will likely be in the trophy rankings.  That just makes good sense.

However...rushing is the name of the game when it comes to the Builder's Base and higher level players are represented throughout the rankings!  This is a problem for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a lower BH level may not be able to compete.

Let's get this point out of the way right now - just because your opponent is a higher level Builder's Hall doesn't mean you cannot compete.  True - a brand new BH5 vs a wel…

CoC BB - Base Building 101

Builder’s Hall - Base Design Guide
There are a lot of base designs out there for the Builder’s Hall.Some are great, some are…well…not so great.No base can defend against ALL attacks and many base designers will offer up clickbait claims like, “Anti-1-Star!” or “Best BHx Ever!!!”, which are usually pretty easy to spot.
What if you just want to know how to build your own so you can tinker?
Young padawan, to the right place, you have come!Much knowledge, have I, to share!
The goals of any good base design are to path, block, and surprise.The best designs take advantage of known troop weaknesses and target preferences to reduce an opponent’s army size (or decimate it entirely).Using these target preferences will help path troops to where you want them.Walls, of course, block troops from getting access to defensive structures and the BH plus they can be used to further path troops to other structures or areas of the base.Placement of mines and traps are key to the surprise element
Here ar…

Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 26....

A quick update....

I paused a few days at BH4 to upgrade Beta Minions to level 8, as mentioned. Then I continued the hyper-rush pattern mentioned in earlier posts....

1) Drop everything new
2) Upgrade storages as required
3) Upgrade the Star Laboratory
4) Upgrade Barracks
5) Upgrade key troops
6) Upgrade defensive structures while awaiting non-builder upgrades to finish (namely troops)
7) Upgrade BH as soon as possible

As of day 24, the game finished the BH6 upgrade. I had just about 1.2M gold saved up, so I was able to deploy everything new. Most defenses are level 3 (except MM, AirBombs, Roaster, and the new Crusher). The top troop is level 8 Beta Minions; the lab is currently upgrading level 10 and getting these to level 12 will be a priority. The Battle Machine is still level 1. 

Attacking with this hyper-rushed BH6 has been interesting to say the least.  The defenses are low and, until just yesterday, I was using level 8 Beta Minions (so only 6 per camp).  The game started at 1913 trophies…

BB Strategy - Mitch Two-Star Attacks....

We’ve talked a bit about Mitch before – the Beta Minions / Night Witch army composition.There are a number of variations of this attack strategy out there using 1, 2, or 3 camps of each.I had a couple more replays of two star wins I thought I’d share.
A lot of players look at the Night Witch as a “spray and pray” troop, but in the hands of someone who is practiced with the troop, they can be devastating.This is especially the case when you’re fighting a box base with certain, key defenses accessible near the outer fringe of a base design.
Take our first example.Here’s the base:

This box base is particularly interesting as it has a number of compartments and most of the walls are level 4.You could attack it with ground troops, but you’d need to take Bombers to do so and that takes up one of your camps with a low volume troop.Additionally, you would need something to tank for the Bombers, not to mention something that can take out those external junk buildings.In all…an air attack woul…