Builder's Base: The strategy of the hyper-rush - Day 26....

A quick update....

I paused a few days at BH4 to upgrade Beta Minions to level 8, as mentioned. Then I continued the hyper-rush pattern mentioned in earlier posts....

1) Drop everything new
2) Upgrade storages as required
3) Upgrade the Star Laboratory
4) Upgrade Barracks
5) Upgrade key troops
6) Upgrade defensive structures while awaiting non-builder upgrades to finish (namely troops)
7) Upgrade BH as soon as possible

As of day 24, the game finished the BH6 upgrade. I had just about 1.2M gold saved up, so I was able to deploy everything new. Most defenses are level 3 (except MM, AirBombs, Roaster, and the new Crusher). The top troop is level 8 Beta Minions; the lab is currently upgrading level 10 and getting these to level 12 will be a priority. The Battle Machine is still level 1. 

Attacking with this hyper-rushed BH6 has been interesting to say the least.  The defenses are low and, until just yesterday, I was using level 8 Beta Minions (so only 6 per camp).  The game started at 1913 trophies and broke 2000 today, 2 days after the BH6 upgrade completed.  I'm keeping a close to 50:50 win:loss ratio so I really can't complain very much. 

As we set out in original upgrade cadence - everything was upgraded to the absolute minimum, even storages.  I left as much for upgrading at BH6 as I possibly could.  And this is wholly F2P - no $$$ spent at all.

That was absolutely the goal - get to BH6 as fast as possible.  As such, this is not a strategic rush and not really the way I would suggest anyone go, but...can't argue that it doesn't work!

I've grabbed three different BH6 base designs to cycle through this game.  Each one has its benefits and drawbacks.  The challenge is choosing the one that puts the best foot forward for the weaker than typical defenses.  At the moment, I'm running a shrouded diamond style base that has been fairly common among high level players.  There's also the wedge and the diamond in a box bases that I can switch between as well.

I posted a video to my YouTube channel discussing the game, looking at the attack log, and showing each of the BH6 base designs.  I'll include stills below as well.  If you'd like to view the video, please go to:

Here are the three BH6 Base Designs I'm currently testing on the hyper-rush game....

BH6 Base Design - Shrouded Diamond

BH6 Base Design - Wedge

BH6 Base Design - Diamond in a Box


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