CoC BB - BH6 Base Designs - Part 2 - The Diamonds

Welcome back to Part 2 of our BH6 Base Design series!  This article takes a quick look at diamond shaped bases commonly in use among the upper ranked players of the game.

I've used all of these at one time or another on one of my BH6 games and I have to say...they all work pretty well up and down the trophy rankings.  As always - YMMV.  The meta changes frequently and a base that works well today may suddenly be wiped out tomorrow.  Be sure to visit Part 1 of our series where we talk about boxed style bases.  Between that and this article, you'll have 17, solid BH6 base designs to use on your game.

On with the show....

1) Open Diamond Base

This is easily my personal favorite and the one I've had the best luck with across my games.  The open design renders walls ineffective as blockades except to the far right side.  This base does well against most attacks and is rarely three starred, even at higher trophy rankings.

2) Diamond Compartments Base

This base uses compartments at the top to form a strong barrier and general defenses to protect the bottom.  Ground troops have a lot to break through when coming from the top apex and air troops have to fight their way through either direction.

3) Shrouded Diamond Base

This is one of two base designs that have become very common in recent weeks.  The top is protected through pathing for ground troops and air defenses for air troops, while the rest of the base is just a mess for troops to work through.  I've had mixed results with this version of the Shrouded Diamond base and have a version where the middle Archer Tower and the AirBombs switch places.

4) Pagoda Diamond Base

This is the second of two common bases run in the upper trophy rankings right now.  It's a southern teaser with a closed shroud at the top.  Some versions of the base raise the shroud a block or otherwise open the ends of the topmost compartment.

5) Wedge Base

Pathing and air-targeting defense placement are the key to this base's success.  It works very well for my early BH6 games.

6) Diamond in a Box 1 Base

I did a double-take when I first came across this base in the wild.  It is a BH5 style diamond base, encapsulated in a box.  I found two of these and debated whether to consider them box bases or diamond bases.

7) Diamond in a Box 2 Base

The second of two BH5 style diamond bases that has been put in a box and moved around with the new items from BH6.  Same basic base design as a diamond, it's just closed so players first have to break into it  before the pathing takes over.

That wraps our BH6 Base Design series.  If you missed Part 1, click HERE to look at boxed style bases.  If you're more of a video person, check the video out HERE.  Thanks!


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