CoC BB - BH7 Minion Drops Attack Strategy

Ok - I have a new favorite attack strategy at BH7.


This attack strategy is pretty straightforward - it’s 2 camps of Drop Ships, 3 camps of Beta Minions, and LOTS of fun.

Deployment starts with placing Drop Ships in such a way that they will act as a tank for the Beta Minions, on approach to one or more of the major defense structures - AirBombs, Roaster, and/or Giant Cannon.  Beta Minions go down right away, just behind the Drop Ships, so they can fire PAST the Drop Ships while hiding behind them.

This is important - Drop Ships have a tendency to get hung up on high HP structures like storages.  Even worse - if they land over a Crusher, they’ll just stay there until something shoots them down (they drop the Larrys but the Crusher blows them all at one time).

The Drop Ships work their way in toward the middle of the base, distracting air targeting defenses while the Beta Minions clear things in front of them.  The Beta Minions are the source of mass destruction here - they just keep firing from a position of safety behind those Drop Ships.  If you line the attack up right, you’ll get at the very least one if not two of those major defenders, setting it up for the Battle Machine to sneak in for either more damage or to take down the BH itself.

The role of the Battle Machine is largely clean up.  The goal of the forward attack (the Drop Ships and Beta Minions) is to do as much damage as possible while clearing a path to the BH with no distractions.  The “no distractions” part is important here - the Battle Machine has a tendency to wander about, so if you can clear the path with a wide enough swath of nothing, he’ll march right up to the BH and take it down.  If the air troops manage to take it down first…hey, that’s a'ight.  Let the Battle Machine pick up a few more buildings and destruction percentage.

A side note - I'm not finding the Giant Cannon to be nearly as much of an issue as I originally thought it would be.  This is probably because I'm holding the Battle Machine back for late deployment.  Even when he does go against the Giant Cannon, I often bring him in at an angle so shots fly past him as he approaches and he can take 2 or 3 shots before he goes down.

This attack strategy has proven to be a solid two-star strat against every box-style base I’ve gone up against.  It does well against diamond-style bases, but I’m still working on my BH7 attacking skills so I pull a mix of high percentage one-star and two-star results against diamond-style bases right now.  

I’ve been using this attack, almost exclusively, for the last day and a half.  It’s taken me up to around 4600 trophies and top 100 on the US leaderboards.  I’ve found the different levels of the Drop Ships really make for the attack.  In my testing of the strat….

Level 1 Drop Ships + Level 12 Beta Minions - Good against most BH6 games in the 3000s, starts to weaken the closer your opponent gets to maxed BH6 and decent base designs.  It still does the job against maxed BH6 with poor base designs, such as where the air targeting defenses are all on one side of the base.

Level 6 Drop Ships + Level 12 Beta Minions - Once you get the Drop Ships up to level 6, BH7 opens up.  Going against the typical BH7, rushed and/or upgraded + Bonus Pack, I was able to consistently two-star my opponents.  The limit here - maxed / near-maxed BH7.

Level 12 Drop Ships + Level 12 Beta Minions - Level 12 Drop Ships does very well against all opponents, even fully maxed BH7 games.  The success from here really depends on your attacking skills and the base you’re up against.  

I can’t wait to get both of these troops to level 14 to see how much stronger they are as maxed troops.

Today's companion video on GwN is all about the Minion Drops attack strategy.  It contains 7 or more replays including a three-star against a newly minted BH7 base.  Be sure to check it out at the link below!


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