PAHRP game turns BH7!

BH7 was released and, in keeping with our "upgrade as soon as possible" mantra...

Phoenix Abyss is now a BH7!

The game was largely level 4 for defenses - still had the level 1 Roaster, level 2 MultiMortar, and level 3 Crushers - and I had just recently finished off Beta Minions to level 12. So, the timing was right and I pulled the trigger on the upgrade. Of course...first I had to upgrade the storages, then I had to get the gold.... All that said - it finished the upgrade this morning.

This game has been all F2P from the beginning, but I had to take one for the team here and buy the BH7 Bonus Pack. Sorry to those of you who are diehard F2P - the Bonus Pack is simply too good a deal to pass on. 20 bucks gets you the level 4 Giant Cannon, 2M each of Gold and Elixir, 2500 gems.... Between all that, buying the fifth Army Camp and just upgrading the FireCrackers and Hidden Tesla to level 4 (gemming the timer), it saves better than 3 weeks of work.

SO - upgrade finished, Bonus Pack purchased, everything laid out and upgraded. Next up was designing a new base. I really liked the shroud-style diamond base I was running on this game as a BH6 and I was live recording today's video, so I decided to just modify the base to accommodate the new defenses and walls. The new base isn't too bad....

At this point, I had two days of raids stacked and it was time to see how well the newly minted BH7 would rumble. I was at 2701 trophies and started to raid. 6 attacks later and I was 6 for 6 - all were wins, including some three-star wins as well. I raided with a level 12 Mass Beta Minion (MBM) and I kinda spammed the Beta Minions, so I wasn't putting a whole lot of effort into the deployment either. Games ranged from BH6 to BH7 partially and fully deployed.

The video's a little longish at this point, because it has 6 live raids in there, but it shows the power of the hyper-rush is still active at BH7 in the lower trophy rankings. I'm particularly curious to see how far this level 4 BH7 game will go in the trophies before it hits the ceiling. My level 5 BH7 is hovering in the high 3000s, level 5/6 BH7 is near 4000, and the level 6 BH7 has been solidly in the 4000-4500 range since it turned.

Next in line for updates on the game - getting the last few remaining defenses to level 4. That will likely go Roaster, Crushers, AirBombs. Then I'll circle back and start taking everything to level 5 in the usual order. Troop upgrades will be Beta Minions first, as always, but I think I need to do some more work on the Night Witches so I'll likely intersperse them with some lower level troops for a more custom upgrade pattern on this one.

Here's the link to the video....


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