CoC BB - BH7 - Drop Mitch Attack Strategy

Today we're talking about Drop Mitch - one camp Drop Ships, then 2 camps each of Beta Minions and Night Witches.

Some of the guys on the forums asked me to see what I could do with replacing the Baby Dragon in Baby Mitch with Drop Ships.  I ran through 30 or 40 attacks using Drop Mitch and the results were just so-so.  On my main game, where I have level 12 Drop Ships, I was able to consistently produce two-star results in the 60%-70% range.

I use the standard/sub-standard deployment of Battle Machine, then Night Witches, let the first volley of Bats hit the base, then down go either the Beta Minions followed by the Drop Ships or vice-versa.

I go back and forth between which to drop first - Beta Minions or Drop Ships.  The Beta Minions have that Long Shot ability which can really clear a row of junk buildings, so I'll often drop them first on both Drop Mitch and Minion Drops.  It's all about timing though; you need to get the Drop Ships down to do their tanking job BEFORE the Long Shot ability is depleted.  Drop Ships move slowly - just like Boxer Giants - so be sure you give them enough time to get in front of the line of Beta Minions.

Drop Ship deployment can be one at a time or both at the same time - it just depends on the layout of the base.  Often, a base will have just one major defense in the leading path of your deployment.  In that case, deploy just one Drop Ship and when he hits about half life, drop the second to take his place.

Now, the question of the hour - Noc, most of us didn't gem our Drop Ships, so how does this work for lower levels of the Drop Ship?

The answer so.  Level 1 Drop Ships are still stronger tanks compared to Baby Dragons, but they're slower and offer less direct damage to the base, especially when you don't have the Skeleton Burst ability.  I got to the point I was able to pull a two star with level 1 Drop Ships but just barely - it was almost always a 53 two star result.  Would I use this with level 1 Drop Ships...?  I don't think so - there are better options with level 12 troops like Mitch and GiWitch.  Level 2 Drop Ships are a little better - you get Skeleton Burst when they go down - but it's still a bit on the weak side.  I wouldn't start using it until probably level 6.

So...there you have another attack strategy you can use at BH7.  Wonder what we'll come up with next....

Check out today's companion video at the link below.  Thanks for stopping by!


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