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CoC - December 2017 Update News!

Today, on the forums, we got our first concrete answers on the upcoming December 2017 update.  It's just a few tidbits, but some of the news was pretty significant.  Darian, the SuperCell Community Manager for Clash of Clans, answered messages as he often does and dropped these bits.

First and foremost - there will be no TH12 ***OR*** BH8.  This news is actually pretty huge.

A lot of players on the main game ("DayMode") have been hoping for new content.  There are a fair number of players at TH11 who are maxed and looking for something new.  While the Builder Base certainly represents a great deal of new content and "stuff to do", many players still want to see more on the game they've invested years of time and effort into already.  As it's been almost two years since the last new TH was introduced (TH11 in December 2015) there was speculation that TH12 might be coming this year.

SuperCell has been clear that although they're looking at TH12 for th…

CoC BB - The Four Pillars of Clash - Bringing it all together....

OK - we've talked in some detail now about the Four Pillars of Clash in two articles:

Offense ->
Offensive Capabilities - What your offense is capable of doing.Attacking Skills - What YOU can do with your offense.Defense ->
Defensive Capabilities - What your defense is capable of doing.Base Design - What YOU can do with your defense. Your goal, as a player, is to balance your game as much as you can across the Four Pillars.  A balanced game will provide the greatest likelihood of success and enable you to move up the ranks.  
It is a common misconception that players who have strong offensive and defensive capabilities are immediately contenders.  While it is true that having stronger tools helps one's game, it only goes so far.  A player could have a fully maxed everything yet be a terrible attacker and have an awful base design.  More often than not, we see this in the heavily rushed BH7 who cannot break 3000 trophies because they have all the right defenses and troops un…

CoC BB Strategy - The Four Pillars of Clash Part 2: Defense

In our first article, we talked about offense - the first two Pillars of Clash, this is your Offensive Capabilities and Attacking Skills. They’re first because, in an offense-centric PvP game, they are the most important concepts. That’s not to say that defense isn’t important though. You have to strike a balance among the four pillars or the roof will come crashing down.

Pillar 3 - Defensive Capabilities

Like its cousin in the offense category, Defensive Capabilities are what your defense is capable of doing in the game. It is represented by how many defensive structures you have and their level of development. The long made short - if you have more, you’ll do better; if they’re stronger, you’ll do better. Of course - if they’re weak or you don’t have as many, then your defensive game is weaker.

Each Builder Hall level adds new defenses that are designed to separate it from those that come before and these defenses also counter very specific attacks. Remember: the troops and their level…