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CoC BB - Should I rush the Builder Base?

There's a debate that has raged within the Clash of Clans community for years ->

To rush or not to rush?

THAT is the question!  Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous farming raids, or take arms against a sea of enemies and by maxing vanquish them in war.

Ok...Shakespeare aside, this is a question that has been hotly debated in the Clash community for many years.  On the Home Village (HV), there became two very distinct camps - one that was serious about Clan Wars and insisted maxing was the ONLY way, and one that was more focused on farming and casual war who realized you could get a lot more by rushing the game.  As anyone can see (just hit the NEXT button a while)...rushing is far more common on the HV, although maxing is still a must for the serious war monger.

What about the Builder Base (BB) though?

The Builder Base is a real-time PvP game.  It's very design is not only conducive to the rusher mindset, it actively ENCOURAGES …

CoC BB - Let's talk about base design....

I've done a few articles and videos over the last year talking about base design (links below).  It's been a while, though, so I thought I'd circle back around to talk about some key base design concepts.

There are 5, effective base layouts on the Builder Base:

1) Diamond - A diamond shape, elongated top to bottom, with outer corners matched to the 4 corners of the game grid.

2) Sidewinder - An elongated diamond, stretched left to right, marked by its stretched out design.

3) Box - A simple box, walls around the outside and most buildings on the inside.

4) Bracket - A form of box base that is typically broken into three, vertical sections.  May be turned on its side as well.

5) Asymmetrical - A base design that lacks symmetry or pattern.

The Builder Base (BB) is sorely restricted by the 5-piece wall chunks.  Although you can put an apron here or there, open this section or close that the end, the general layouts will be one of the above 5.  Each has its strengths …

CoC BB - Sneaky Archer Army Compositions

In THIS ARTICLE, we introduced the Sneaky Archer and provided a handful of replays from some top level players in the Australian clan, Oz Builders.  Now I'd like to take a few minutes to break down the three most common Sneaky Archer army compositions.

By way of review - Resource collectors and other, low hitpoint buildings like the Gem Mine, Barracks, and Firecrackers, need just 2 SAs; more medium level defenses require 3 SAs; while high hit point structures need 4 SAs. Army Camps are good to go with just 1 SA, and the Builder Hall itself usually goes down with 4 SAs. Of course, buildings that are out of range for defenses can be removed with just 1 SA but it takes a bit longer.

1) ArchMin

Combining Sneaky Archers and Beta Minions, this attack strategy usually runs 3x3 or 4x2 (SAxMin), although some players will run more Sneaky Archers.  The Sneaky Archer is typically used to clear a path to the Builder Hall and remove key, air defenses, allowing the Beta Minions to take out the Bui…

Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - Closing Update

So...I slowed WAY down on this game in the month of July.I brought it to a solid L5/L6 defender and got it up to around 3800 trophies (bounces between mid-3600s to 3800), but have focused most of my playing time on the HV as well as my other games in general.I go in every so often now to clear collectors, run a few attacks, and start upgrades going but it will be backburnered in favor of my other games, becoming more something I work on during Clan Games (much like my other alts).
The initial focus of this game was to show how quickly one could go from new to functioning BH8 without spending a fortune and while maximizing just one attack strategy.At first, I used RBs and SAs, but I quickly switched to Mass Beta Minions (BH4), which is my preferred strat.Later, I added in Drop Ships.As of right now, Drop Ships are L14 and should max by month’s end, even with my more casual play.
On the defensive front, I first brought everything to L4 starting with a focus on the key defenses (Roaster…

Clan Games Tips 'n Tricks....

So…Clan Games.Lots of fun getting free, in-game items and resources for doing things you would otherwise normally do while playing!
The thing about Clan Games, though, is that sometimes it takes a while to get through the challenges and it seems like a lot of times, the challenges you WANT are not the ones that are available.It never fails - when I want to go out raiding for Gold, there are no tasks for gathering up X amount of Gold, or if I’m running my daily attacks on the Builder Base there’s just Home Village tasks.
That means that you need to plan your time a bit more expeditiously.The goal is to knock out as many points as quickly as possible, regardless of what’s on the screen.Here are some tips for knocking out Clan Games quickly and efficiently.(The bulleted version is at the end of this article.)
First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat - the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to knock out Clan Games challenges is with lower level games.Tow…

CoC BB - Matchmaking (again)….

Quite likely THE single, biggest complaint about the CoC Builder Base is the matchmaker. 

On the Builder Base, all matches beyond 1500 trophies are strictly based upon your trophies.  The matchmaker takes the pool of everyone within a certain range of your trophy ranking (thought to be as many as 100 trophies, but never actually confirmed) and chooses you an opponent.  Your Builder Hall level, defensive upgrades, troop upgrades…none of that is factored into the equation.  It is strictly the number of trophies.  SuperCell has told us they have some other magic in there to protect players below 1500 trophies and - ideally - match them to others at the same BH level, which makes sense since players that low are usually fairly new to the game.  Everyone else, though - trophies are it.

Of course, that presents an issue if you’re, say, BH5 and the next nearest to your trophy ranking happens to be a BH6.  I mean, seriously, how could you ever expect to win against someone who is a higher BH …

CoC BB Attack Strategy - The Sneaky Archer

The Sneaky Archer.
If there is one troop on the Builder Base that is both most beloved and most despised, it would have to be the Sneaky Archer.
In the early days of the Builder Base, our common goal as players was to get through our loot-winning attacks as quickly as possible and move on.We had the Clock Tower (both pre and post nerf) that gave us several minutes of quick-time - a period during which our troops cooked and the Battle Machine regenerated in just a couple minutes top, which meant we could finish one attack and be ready to go for the next pretty much right away.
Along came the “Trickler”.Tricklers would use up the entire time on the clock - 3 minutes plus preview time - as they trickled just a few Sneaky Archers into the base at a time.This ate up our precious boost time until the Clock Tower ran out and we were back to waiting 6-10 minutes between attacks.
There was truly no more despised enemy than the Trickler.There were calls for nerfing the invisibility cloak of t…

Custom Army Compositions - Taking it to the next level….

The Builder Base has been around for about a year now.That year has been focused on building our games - leveling up and upgrading both offense and defense.We’ve developed a number of great attack strategies along the way including…
Minion Drops/Shimi
Drop Mitch/Shwimi
Bombarian Carts
Big Bart
Each attack strategy has its strengths and weaknesses.As players mature their offense, they often choose just 2 or maybe 3 to focus on, providing enough strategies to get you ahead in trophy rankings so you can pull in more loot to upgrade your game.The key to being successful is both having multiple strategies at your disposal and - perhaps more importantly - knowing when to use each to the greatest effect.
This latter point comes with a familiarity with the game and different strats.For example - there was a while there when we saw lots of bases with a big, open middle and solid wall barrier all around the base.This type of base is ideally suited…

Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - End of June Update

The Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project continues to progress very nicely.This game was first launched in mid-March with the intention of getting the Builder Base to BH8 as quickly as possible.Upgrades were focused strictly on what was needed to go to the next level of BH and one key troop (at first, Raged Barbarians and Sneaky Archers, then Beta Minions).By week 3, I’d pulled the trigger on the BH6 upgrade; at the 30 day mark, I launched the BH7 upgrade.On May 1st, just 45 days into the game’s progression, the BH8 upgrade was completed.
The game was a BH8, but it was a level 1 defender.Over the course of the following two months, I have focused on upgrading the defenses.Most key defenses (MultiMortar, Giant Cannon, Roaster; MegaTesla & AirBombs pending) have reached level 6 and secondary defenses are a mix of levels 4 and 5.We’ve received a few Runes and Books that have been very helpful to the game’s rapid progression.Purchases have been limited strictly to the level-up bonus packs.Wa…

Clash of Clans - Noc's TH12 Upgrade Guide

TH12 is out and what a doozy of an update this one is!
SuperCell released another “update pack” pre-update that helps build the resources needed to run the upgrade.This one was $100US for 3 of each Rune (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir) and 160 Wall Rings that can be purchased twice; they also released a $50US version that has one of each Rune and 70 Wall Rings that can be purchased up to 4 times.Upon completing the upgrade, you get the standard level-up bonus pack that costs $20US and includes the Siege Workshop, 175K in Dark Elixir, and 8M Gold.
The upgrade path for TH12 depends largely on your goals.In my case, I wanted to get the new troop (Electro Dragon), upgrade him to max, upgrade Bowlers and Valkyrie, drop everything new, and take the TH to level 5 (max).
That turned out to be an expensive proposition.
In order to complete these upgrades, you’ll need to upgrade your Gold and Elixir Storages.You can get away with a few upgrades before hitting the storages, but not many.Here’s how I…

Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - Interim June Update

It’s been just about a week since my last update and much progress has been made.
We’ve had the benefits of a few events during the run of this latest, hyper-rush project.  The Hammer Jam event, though, has been one of the better boosts.  There have been some Runes released recently that allowed me to get a BUNCH more resources quickly and combining that with the half-length build times has been a major boon.  I took advantage of the announcements to finish off my resource storages earlier than planned so I could fill to max.
And the results have been great.  Everything was taken to L4, then key defenses were bumped to L5 (including the MegaTesla).  Right now, I have the last of them going to L5 (AirBombs).  I was able to get the Battle Machine to L5 and picked up its ability - having a L1 Battle Machine was definitely tough for attacks as he went down fast with no way to recover HP.  The Barracks was upgraded and I’ve unlocked Drop Ships, taking them just to L2 for now; that’s the lowe…