Clash of Clans & Boom Beach Information Resources

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to upgrade a troop from level 1 to max, or maybe how hitpoints and damage rates improved across the different levels of a defense?  Just wanted to chit chat with other Clashers and Boomers?

There is an absolute wealth of information available on the Internet about both Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.  The two places I frequent the most - the official forums at and the game wikis at and

SuperCell has a set of forums available for both Clash and Boom Beach.  When you first reach the forums, you'll see a directory for each game with various subforums:

The "General" forum is exactly what you would expect - just a place for general discussion on anything that doesn't have its own place.  There are also separate forums for things like "Ideas and Feature Requests", Clan Wars, Task Force Recruitment, and bug reports.  Boom Beach has a completely separate forum dedicated just to discussing strategy!  Clash of Clans has two forum sets that are of particular interest - the home village forums and then a separate forum specifically for the Builder Base. 

At the top of each forum/sub-forum, you'll see some amber highlighted messages.  These are what we call "stickies" and they contain information everyone new to the forum should check out.  In the case of the Builder Base sub-forum, we have the Directory with lots of great info for everyone including base designs, attack strategies, and more.

The forums also have private message functions that allow you to send mail to other forumers (like me!).  I use this to share base designs, critiques, and game/base evals.

My other favorite hang-out would have to be the game wikis.  I can't hardly think of anything that isn't available on the wikis.


Want to know how many of each kind of troop can go on each level of Landing Craft...?  Hit the Boom Beach Wiki....

Wondering about the upgrade costs, times, and damage of the Crushers?  Go to the Clash of Clans Wiki....

How about something about the stats on the Grenadier or the Drop Ship...?


The wikis have all of the technical information you need to evaluate troops, defenses, support name it.  We've had MANY debates and discussions over the years where the data on the wiki was central to supporting arguments.  I use this information for planning upgrade paths and how to best use my in-game resources.  (I've never overflowed resources on my games so long as I used this data to plan my upgrades!)

These are some of the best resources you'll find to help you with your game, whether you're starting out or have been playing a while.  Here are the links to each....

SuperCell Forums

Clash of Clans Wiki

Boom Beach Wiki

And, of course, here's the link to this article's companion video!


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