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CoC BH8 - Carbs/BarC/Bart Attack Strategy

No matter how you cut it, Cannon Cart based attack strategies are absolutely dominating the ground game at Builder Hall 8.The Cannon Cart buff followed by the increase from 2 to 3 units per Army Camp have simply thrown this troop into the limelight.
As a troop on its own, the Cannon Cart is weak - it has only 389 hit points at level 16, so that means it really needs some kind of tanking troop to keep it alive.Whether that’s a Super PEKKA (PEKKA Carts), Boxer Giant (Boxer Carts), or….
Raged Barbarians!That’s right - between the sheer number of Raged Barbarians you can carry in each camp and their ability to tear into a base with their raging attack, these troops are great for distracting enemy defenses while the Cannon Cart sneaks in behind them to decimate key defenses.
At level 16, the Raged Barbarian is the least expensive (3M and 3.2M) and quickest upgrade (5 days each) in the game.It’s the first troop that many players max both early on and at each level.Level 14 brought the per-…

CoC BH8 - Bombarian Carts Attack Strategy

We’ve been talking a lot about the Super PEKKA but let’s face it - most players don’t have it maxed out yet, and it really isn’t all that useful until it hits level 16.What’s an enterprising ground attacker to do?Well…Bombarian Carts, of course!
Bombarian Carts is the first truly groundbreaking attack at BH8.We’re two weeks into BH8 and by now, most players have maxed at least one troop (if not two). Hopefully, those of you who prefer ground have focused on getting your Cannon Cart to max.If so, this is the attack strat for you!3 camps of Raged Barbarians, 2 camps of Cannon Carts, and 1 camp of Bombers is all it takes to dominate through the upper 4K range of trophies.
The attack strat itself hasn’t really changed a lot from it’s initial inception at BH5; it’s just made stronger by the addition of more Army Camps and, at level 16, the addition of one more Cannon Cart in each camp.Here’s the basic breakdown: Clear the junk on the outside - This can be done with a combination of Raged B…

The SuperCell ID - A First Look

Not long ago, SuperCell introduced what they’re calling the “SuperCell ID”.The SCID is roughly the same thing as the gaming ID you find on any of a number of platforms (Playstation, Xbox, etc).The idea is that you can associate your game with the SCID and it will automagically save progress and allow you to seamlessly switch devices.For those with multiple game accounts, although you can only assign one game per SCID, you can have multiple SCIDs on the same device which makes it easy to switch between your different accounts.At the time of this video, the SCID only works with Clash of Clans, but SuperCell says it will be coming to their other games in the near future as well.Double bonus dollars here - you can use the SCID to play your game on any supported device, whether it’s Android or iOS.
Setting up an SC ID is pretty straightforward.Just go into your settings and click the button for the SCID that will say “Disconnected”.Follow the prompts - be sure to use a valid e-mail addres…

Journal of a Rusher Part Two - The Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project

Day 1 - 3/16/2018
Those of you who have followed my forum postings over the last couple years or my videos of the last several months, are probably familiar with my “Journal of a Rusher” series.I took a brand spankin’ new game to TH7 in under 30 days then jumped it up from there.Later, I did a new series called the “Phoenix Abyss Hyper-Rush Project” where I did much the same with a brand new Builder Base instance.
At the moment, TH11 is our top level on the Home Village (HV) and SuperCell just released BH8 to the Builder Base (BB).I think that now would be a perfect time to start another new game and rush both the HV and BB to top level as quickly as possible.
To kick things off, I dropped $50 in seed money on this project.One could absolutely run it F2P, but, in this case, I wanted to get the game into Clan Games and the Builder Base right away - you cannot access the Builder Base until TH4, and Clan Games stays locked until TH6.So…that meant some quick gemming, but really not too m…

CoC BH8 - PEKKA Carts Attack Strategy (CCSP)

Ok, so...I took the ground guys' advice and upgraded my Cannon Carts.  This was tough for an old airbender like myself, putting my beloved Beta Minions in the batter on deck circle, but I did it and....

They make Super PEKKA attacks even MORE fun than they were before!

The Super PEKKA is just an absolute beast, especially right now when there aren't as many super-max BH8s out there to fight against.  Mass Super PEKKA is lots of fun, but we all know that mass troop attacks don't last very long before defenses make them less than capable.  So...moving into ground hybrid attacks that feature the Super PEKKA just makes sense.

PEKKA Carts (or CCSP) is my first foray into a hybrid attack with the Super PEKKA.  The army comp is pretty straight up - 1 or 2 camps of Cannon Carts and 5 or 4 camps of Super PEKKA.  I went with the 2 camps of Cannon Carts.

The attack strategy is actually very similar in deployment to the MSP attack - you find an opening (or make one), maybe do the same wit…

Sunday Morning Chat with Noc - 03/11/2018

Builder Hall 8 was released to the masses this past week and it’s been a doozy of a week.We JUST finished Clan Games when it was released and they launched a whole new run of Battlefest, followed shortly thereafter by another Clan Games that was all Builder Base tasks.
I really enjoy the Clan Games, but this last month has been just brutal with the near non-stop Clan Games.SuperCell has told us it was just for the month of February, intended to mirror the Olympics and such, but we’re fast approaching mid-March and still getting hammered.I know a lot of players here, on the forums, and elsewhere have reached the burnout zone so hopefully this one will be it for a while.That said, the spring update included a new potion (the Builder Potion) and Runes that fill your gold and elixir storages.The Clan Games currently underway has all three, with the Runes focused on the Builder Base storages.At the time I am recording this, we have about 14 hours left to this latest bout of Clan Games an…

Clash of Clans - BH8 Attack Strategy - Mass Super PEKKA First Look

I’ve been hearing of Mass Super PEKKA (MSP) armies wreaking havoc all over in the 4000s, so I decided to do some tinkering.
Take a look at these specs from the wiki (ClashOfClans.Wikia.Com)....

She starts off with 3000 hit points and nearly doubles that to 5,845 hit points at level 16.
Her damage per attack goes from 549 all the way up to 1069 at level 16.
Her ability, the Overcharge, is a very modest 400 at level 2 but triples at level 16.
This troop is an absolute beast at level 16.
As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I already have the Super PEKKA upgrading with all the loot I’m getting during Battlefest.I finally have her up to level 8.I tested her at level 4 - meh.Level 6 - meh.Level 8…well, I just got level 8 a short bit ago, so I need some time to play with that level before rendering a judgement but…not so impressed yet.
BUT…I *REALLY* wanted to see this troop in action - especially with all the talk of how it’s just tearing things up -so I decided to use one of those magical blue …

Clash of Clans - BB - BH8 Upgrade Guide

The time has come - Builder Hall 8 is upon us.And, of course, with a new builder hall must come…
Noc’s Upgrade Guide for BH8 I’ve been working on 5 of my games at BH8 over the first couple days of the release.What I’ve come up with are new bases with similar design concepts, new attack strategies that expand on previous strategies, and a firm resolve that upgrading in much the same way as other levels is the solid solution.
First and foremost - I’m hoping everyone fills their storages before hitting the upgrade button.This will enable you to upgrade and buy everything new that there is to buy from the Shop.Unlike previous upgrades, this upgrade is strictly buildings and troops - there are no walls to sap our resources.
The opening of every upgrade guide begins with the F2P and F2P+ track.In both cases, you’ll want to pull the trigger on the upgrade with full storages, collectors, and stacked attacks.Ideally, you’ve saved a Book of Building so you can quickly finish the upgrade as well…

Clash of Clans - BB - BH8 Base Designs

BH8 is out and it's time to talk about base designs!

BH8 is new to the game, but many of the design concepts we’ve discussed in the past are stronger than ever now.  The three most prevalent - the strong hub, direction/misdirection, and zoned defense.
Most successful base designs on the Builder Base, simply use previous designs as a template.  They expand the breadth of he base, adding in additional defenses where they make most sense.  Eventually, they also incorporate whatever the current meta may be - this is usually a factor of trap/mine placement and settings.
Case in point - at the start of BH8, air is/was the dominant attack strategy (specifically, Minion Drops).  So...a lot of players have set their Mines and MegaMines to air mode!
There are only just so many layouts you can use, so precious layouts are usually modified.  This is especially the case at BH8 where the wall count is the same as it was at BH7.
Perhaps the most important aspect of a solid base design on the BB is th…