CoC BH8 - Bombarian Carts Attack Strategy

We’ve been talking a lot about the Super PEKKA but let’s face it - most players don’t have it maxed out yet, and it really isn’t all that useful until it hits level 16.  What’s an enterprising ground attacker to do?  Well…Bombarian Carts, of course!

Bombarian Carts is the first truly groundbreaking attack at BH8.  We’re two weeks into BH8 and by now, most players have maxed at least one troop (if not two).   Hopefully, those of you who prefer ground have focused on getting your Cannon Cart to max.  If so, this is the attack strat for you!  3 camps of Raged Barbarians, 2 camps of Cannon Carts, and 1 camp of Bombers is all it takes to dominate through the upper 4K range of trophies.

The attack strat itself hasn’t really changed a lot from it’s initial inception at BH5; it’s just made stronger by the addition of more Army Camps and, at level 16, the addition of one more Cannon Cart in each camp.  Here’s the basic breakdown:
  1. Clear the junk on the outside - This can be done with a combination of Raged Barbarians and Cannon Carts, depending upon how many of each you take to the attack and how many buildings surround the inner base.  If there’s a lot, it sometimes make sense to clear your deployment side and hold back on Raged Barbarians for additional clean up at the end.
  2. Drop Bombers to open the base up - The chief responsibility of the Bomber is open one side of the base so you can deploy mass troops and overwhelm the base defenses.  You clear those outer buildings first, though, because you don’t want to use up their Big Bomb special on a building when it would be better spent taking down a wall.  (Remember: the Bomber’s first throw will take down any level wall in a single throw, whereas higher level walls will require 2 or more throws.)
  3. Use Raged Barbarians as a distraction - The outer buildings cleared, you now need to break through the walls and deploy your Cannon Carts.  The Raged Barbarian comes to the rescue here - you’ll have 60 of them, so you can afford to sacrifice a few lambs to the wolves of the base’s key defenses.  Note: If there are key defenses on the outer perimeter of the base, target those early on.
  4. Send in the Cannon Carts behind the Raged Barbarians while continuing to trickle Raged Barbarians in to keep the defenses focused on them and NOT your Cannon Carts.
Your Battle Machine will serve as tank and Crusher Extermination Services.  Again - it’s all about where the enemy base has key defenses positioned.  In some cases, you may be able to time your Raged Barbarians to take down a Crusher, or bring a couple of Cannon Carts in behind the Raged Barbarians to keep defenses off the Cannon Carts while they take it down.  You’ll have to assess the base design to really get an idea of the best way to tackle those Crushers.  

That’s all there is to it…at least on paper.  While it sounds easy, in practice…not so much.  There’s a lot of timing here and each base design is going to be different (witness what I mentioned above about the Crushers).  You primary enemies in this attack are going to be the Crushers, the Giant Cannon, and the MultiMortar.  

The Crushers are always the worst defense for Raged Barbarian based attacks because they deal mass damage in an instant.  In this case, if you lose the Raged Barbarians, any of a number of defenses will lock onto your Cannon Carts and they’ll go down quickly.

The Giant Cannon is the Battle Machine killer but, even worse, if it locks onto a troop that is in front of your Cannon Carts, they’ll take on damage as the projectile soars through the intended target!  My Cannon Cart attacks that fail almost always do so because my deployment pathed the Cannon Carts in right behind the troop the Giant Cannon decides to target.

The MultiMortar is a ranged, splash-damage defense that can end your Cannon Cart attack in an instant.  Cannon Carts work well in groups but if they are close enough to dish out group damage, they are close enough to receive group damage as well.  A single volley from a high level MultiMortar can take down multiple Cannon Carts.

Raged Barbarian attack strategies take advantage of sheer numbers but these are not spam attacks.  If you do a mass dump of troops, they’ll often fall victim to the Crushers or splash damage, leaving your Cannon Carts to fend for themselves (which won’t last long thereafter).  Watch some replays from experienced Bombarian Cart attackers and you’ll pick up on the timing and pathing they use to take down common bases.

In the companion video to this article, I have several replays from our resident Bombarian Cart expert, Blaze Dragon.  There will be more in an upcoming series on my visit to the Oz Builders clan as well.  Here’s the link to the video….


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