CoC BH8 - PEKKA Carts Attack Strategy (CCSP)

Ok, so...I took the ground guys' advice and upgraded my Cannon Carts.  This was tough for an old airbender like myself, putting my beloved Beta Minions in the batter on deck circle, but I did it and....

They make Super PEKKA attacks even MORE fun than they were before!

The Super PEKKA is just an absolute beast, especially right now when there aren't as many super-max BH8s out there to fight against.  Mass Super PEKKA is lots of fun, but we all know that mass troop attacks don't last very long before defenses make them less than capable.  So...moving into ground hybrid attacks that feature the Super PEKKA just makes sense.

PEKKA Carts (or CCSP) is my first foray into a hybrid attack with the Super PEKKA.  The army comp is pretty straight up - 1 or 2 camps of Cannon Carts and 5 or 4 camps of Super PEKKA.  I went with the 2 camps of Cannon Carts.

The attack strategy is actually very similar in deployment to the MSP attack - you find an opening (or make one), maybe do the same with a second, then unleash the power of lightning and ballast upon the unsuspecting base.  The Super PEKKA act as tanks for the Cannon Carts and the Cannon Carts perform a secondary role, taking down defenses and junk buildings while the Super PEKKA plow a path through the base.

Is it a bit spammy?  I suppose so.  You can't just dump and run though - you have to complete a solid deployment and although it's typically a fast deployment, if you don't lay it out right, it will crash and burn faster'n you can say, "Destroy!".

That said, there are a few weaknesses to this attack....

1. You don't spread your troops out far enough - The Super PEKKA is good for bunching up and the Cannon Cart is easily taken out by most splash defenses.  When either troop gathers in one place, they go down fast.

2. You spread your troops out too far - Whether it's a tanking Super PEKKA or the backup singers of the Cannon Carts, they need to be in relatively close proximity to ensure enemy fire is properly concentrated and the Cannon Carts can fire in groups to take down buildings quickly.

3. Your troops line up behind whatever the Giant Cannon is targeting - This one hit me many a time.  As is the nature of tanks, they draw the fire of the Giant Cannon.  The troops they protect will often follow right behind them and that spells disaster as the Giant Cannon's cannonball fires right through one and into the other.  It's even worse when they're bunched up.

4. Tanks get lost or downed early - Whether it's the Battle Machine or the Super PEKKA, the Cannon Carts can only bring the pain if they're covered.  Something as simple as the Battle Machine going on walkabout can wreck this attack.

The end results in the 5000ish zone is 75% 2-star or better on average.  Every so often, I screwed up a deployment and pulled a high 1-star but it was usually a high 2-star and lot of 3-stars.  I won far more than I lost as well.

As always, I put together a short video with replays (linked below).  If you're just now getting started on upgrading your troops and have not worked on Super PEKKAs yet, then you should probably focus your time on the Cannon Cart instead.  But, if you have the Super PEKKA on her way, pick up a few Books of Fighting, maybe use some gems can have this one added to your arsenal fairly quickly.


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