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CoC BH8 - GiCart Attack Strategy

Time to talk about the friendly giant - Boxer Giant combos.For starters, we’ll look at one that’s just burning up the circuit - Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts.I’ve just been calling this one “GiCarts”.
You can run the GiCart attack strategy a few different ways.I like it as a 3/3 but I’ve seen it run as a 4/2 and 2/4 as well.As always, it really comes down to what you’re most comfortable with and the layout of the base.
The GiCart strat is nothing new but it gains its strength from the improvements to both Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts at BH8 - specifically, the additional units in each camp.That and, of course, the stronger Boxer Giant.
In all of Cannon Cart combos, one thing should be abundantly clear - Cannon Carts are great in large groups, but they absolutely MUST have a tank to keep defensive fire away from them.This combo is no different in that regard.The Boxer Giant acts as a solid tank and, because there are 4 in each camp at L16, you can take a LOT of them with you into ba…

CoC BH8 - Mitch Attack Strategy

My all-time favorite Night Witch attack strategy, and the one I really cut my teeth on at BH6, would have to be Mitch.The Mitch strat uses a mix of Beta Minions and Night Witches - at BH8, I typically run with 3/3, although I’ve been known to mix it up and go with 4/2 or 2/4 if I happen upon a particularly unique base (which is not very often).
As I say frequently: the Night Witch’s strength is in her Bats.A large swarm of Bats can take down most defenses in nothing flat.I’ve run Night Witch attacks that ended in less than a minute.This is why you want to drop the Night Witches at the same spot or very close to each other.However, there’s a big danger there…one MegaMine and your attack ends before it begins.This is because the Night Witch is a weak troop - probably the weakest in the game.Although you’ll see the occasional Night Witch spam, that really only works well against low defenses and poorly designed bases.
The Night Witch, as a troop, really needs a tank to distract enemy d…

CoC BH8 - Minion Drops Attack Strategy

Minion Drops itself really hasn’t changed very much at BH8.The additional Army Camp lets you take more troops, and the L16 upgrades make them much stronger.Drop Ships pick up 234 HP at level 15, and the Skeleton Summon cool down drops a full half second to 3.4 seconds.That means more skellies and a troop that’s harder to take down.The Beta Minion picks up 6 points of DPS and 18 points of HP (10% bump) at L15, and gets another Long Shot added to his ability for a total of 6, long distance…er…spitballs.
The strategy itself is pretty much the same. Figure out the base’s weak side - This can be tough.Look at the defenses and ask yourself - what’s going to take my attack down the fastest?For my part, I usually like the Roaster for my launching point; others (like MexicanBob) tend to go after the AirBombs.Take out some junk buildings on the outside - It’s important to knock out as many of the distraction buildings as you can so your Drop Ships can get to the heart of the base, taking enemy …

Journal of a Rusher Part Two - The Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - One Month Update

The Clashifer Hyper-Rush project began on March 16th with the singular goal of getting to BH8 as quickly as possible while building a viable Home Village game as well.
I just hit the one month marker on the game and it’s really come along nicely.
Home Village
The HV is right about done with TH6 defenses, essentially making it a true TH7 here soon.I could easily upgrade it to TH8, but I have a few other TH8s right now so I decided to hang out at TH7 a while and continue upgrading it.I might just follow my usual rushing path of maxing on the odd numbered THs.I played the game throughout the big Clan War anniversary event and it performed as one would expect of a TH7 in war...fended off attacks from TH6 players attacking up; held back the occasional TH7 player who couldn’t quite figure the war base out; and got throttled by a mid-level TH8.😜
Builder Base

Of course, it’s the Builder Base we’re most interested in for this hyper-rush project.In my last update, I had just pulled the trigger…

CoC BB - GiWitch BH8 Attack Strategy

I am past due to be talking about air troops.I’d like to start off with a discussion of a ground-air hybrid attack - Boxer Giants and Night Witches, what I call “GiWitch”.
The Night Witch can be a bit of an unpredictable troop.Sometimes, she does exactly what you want while other times the pack just goes awry for no readily apparent reason.Back at BH6, the NW came into her own at L12 with the Mitch attack strategy (Beta Minions and Night Witches).That worked well through early BH7 until Drop Ships took over and carried us air benders into BH8.
BH8, though, rejuvenates the Night Witch by adding yet another camp.That additional camp allows you take a whole bunch of Night Witches along with your tanks.Things REALLY get interesting, though, when you get Boxer Giants and Night Witches to level 16.
Level 16 Boxer Giants adds one unit per camp while level 16 for the Night Witch brings more Bats to the party.That means LOTS of new fun.
Night Witch attack strategies tend to be a bit spammy, b…

BB Base Building 103 - Strong Hub Design and Hidden Defense Placement

OK - We’re at Builder Hall 8 now, and it’s time to dig into Base Design again, this time with a focus on placement of hidden defenses and a revisit to the strong hub design.
We’ve talked a little bit about the strong hub design - a semi-centrally located hub where you put the Builder Hall (BH) and key defenses.At BH8, this design still works very well and adds a new component - the Mega Tesla.
The Mega Tesla is a slow firing, heavy damage point defense that hits two targets within close proximity of each other.It actually targets the first troop but there’s so much juice in its beam that it just naturally covers the gap to the next nearest target and zaps that one too.(Of course, there’s a limit to how far the second spark will go.)We also get a third Hidden Tesla.Between the two existing Hidden Teslas, this third one, and the Mega Tesla…well, let’s just say you can really light up night mode!
The new strong hub will spread your key defenses out just a little bit more than in previou…

Journal of a Rusher Part Two - The Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - Week 3 Update

Journal of a Rusher Part Two - Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - End of BH5
Today’s date is April 5th; the Clashifer Hyper-Rush project began on 3/16, so that means we are just shy of 3 weeks into this brand new game (20 days).The goal was pretty straightforward - create a brand new game, then rush it as fast as fast can be to see how quickly we can advance while still maintaining a measure of sanity.Of course, there were some initial rules set up to guide the process - drop everything right away, buy only the $5-$20 level-up bonus packs (so no other financial investment), and keep Builders working around the clock with an immediate priority of knocking out whatever is needed to upgrade to the next level.
Home Village Update

On the HV, the game was at TH7 after 1 week.The initial seed money ($50) was used to get it to TH6 simply so the Builder Base and Clan Games would be available (TH4 and TH6, respectively).Since then, I’ve slowed things down a bit to focus on resource and troop upgrad…

Journal of a Rusher Part Two - The Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - Week 1 Update

(Ok...I goofed; I forgot to post the Week 1 update article and noticed it as I was working on the next update.  I did get the video up, though.  Here's the Week 1 update article; the next will be coming out shortly as well....)

At the end of week 1, the Clashifer Hyper-Rush game was running at TH7 and BH4.This represents our first waypoint - there’s a lot to be done to move up to the next level.Before we get into the update, let’s review the “rules” of our hyper-rush: Everything new is built right away.Level-up bonus packs and Builder Packs will be purchased but no other items/gems will be bought.Only key troops will be upgraded - on the BB, that means ground troops (Raged Barbarians, Bombers) and on the HV we’ll start with Barbarians/Archers then incorporate Goblins.Building upgrade priority will be whatever is needed to upgrade the TH/BH - that’s usually storages - and offense (Barracks/Lab).HV only - All builders will be bought as quickly as possible, including with gems if/when…