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CoC BH8 - How To Beat This Base - Brackets Base

It’s the ever dreaded Brackets Base.Now…there are a number of variations on this base - maybe the Roaster is here and the Giant Cannon there…maybe the AirBombs are over there and the MultiMortar over here - but in every case, the basic layout is similar to the same.

And it causes plenty of heartache for players all up and down the trophy rankings.
The Brackets Base really first came into its own at BH6.Since then, it has been adapted to fit the new/additional defenses at each and every level to follow (BH7 and BH8).The general layout has the BH at one end, surrounded by assorted defenses, bracketed no-man’s-land zones on either side, and fringe buildings on the other two sides.Deployment from each of the four sides comes with its disadvantages and - depending on defensive strength vs the attacker’s offensive capabilities - it performs well against many attacks.
All that said…if you hit it at the right angle, you’ll take it down for a high percentage - maybe even a three star.
What at…

CoC BH8 - How to Beat this Base - Goal Post Base

So...have you run into this base in the wild and thought, "Man...I just cannot seem to find the magic formula for beating this base!"

Well...wonder no more - on this installment of, "How to Beat this Base", I've debunked the base!

The "Goal Post Base" (at least that's what I'm calling it) is a fairly common Internet base used at BH8 on Clash of Clans.  The design works fairly well between 3500-4500 (depending upon your defense levels) and you may see it between 3000-3500 as well.  Here's a picture of one layout of the base:

The base is top heavy for defense...and relatively weak at the bottom.  However, that does not mean you should attack it from the bottom - coming up from the bottom will subject your troops to a variety of defenses and distractions while they get pummeled.  In the configuration above, it's particularly difficult for air attackers who would typically come from the top to hit the defenses fast and hard.  

That said, there…

CoC BH8 - Three Sisters Attack Strategy

As I continue to max troops at BH8, I work on all new attack strategies.Right now, I am working on FOUR different strategies that I’ve never tried in the past.I’ve been eager to tinker a bit with the Sneaky Archer and I *JUST* finally maxed her, so this first strat takes advantage of the increased number of troops at level 16.
I call this attack strategy, “The Three Sisters”.It uses level 16 Sneaky Archers, Super PEKKA, and Night Witches.Each troop has a very specific role in the attack.

The Sneaky Archer clears external buildings and establishes the funnel.I want a clear and well defined path into the base for my troops and this is an area where the Sneaky Archer simply excels.She’ll eliminate any distractions that might send my Super PEKKA awry.She will also be used to take out any heavy defenses on the periphery, protecting the Super PEKKA from taking too much damage as she enters the base.It’s not at all uncommon for players to put something like Cannons or Double Cannons along a…

CoC BH8 - Cannon Cart and Boxer Giant Attacks…which strat to use when?

I’ve been spending some time on one of my alts (KussVonNacht, aka “KVN”) here lately.Over the past month or two, I’ve managed to get max both Mitch and Minion Drops - my top two attack strategies since BH6/BH7.Over on my flagship game (Noctaire), I’ve been working a LOT with Cannon Carts, so I decided to max them next on KVN and add in Boxer Giants afterwards.
It’s made for some VERY interesting gameplay.Season reset was not too long ago, and I just finished up the the ground troops a week into the new season so I’ve switched over to using my Boxer Giant/Cannon Cart attack strategies.Lots and lots of 3-star results and wins in general; right now, my Battle Log shows 8/1/1 from the last few days.Defenses on the KVN game are generally L7, with a few key defenses at L8 so it’s far from maxed too.
I’ve completed the initial series on Boxer Giant/Cannon Cart attack strategies.You can read about each at the links below….
GiCart Attack Strategy
GiBoCC Attack Strategy
Big Bart Attack Strategy

Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - BH8 Week 1 Done!

I've had a request for another update on the Clashifer hyper-rush project game, so the end of week 1 at BH8 seemed like a pretty good time to post an update.

My goal for week 1 was pretty straightforward - get all of the secondary defenses to level 3 and bring the key defenses to level 2.

Mission accomplished!

Hidden Teslas, Guard Post, Archer Towers, Cannons, Double Cannons, Crushers, and FireCrackers are all at level 3 as of yesterday.  The Roaster, MultiMortar, and AirBombs are at level 2 as well (MegaTesla and Giant Cannon are already level 4, so there's nothing to do on those for a bit).  I even upgraded the Push Traps to level 2 along the way.  This exhausted the resources I had available as well as any that I won in the daily loot bonuses.

Speaking of raiding, L12 Mass Beta Minions is doing just fine so far.  I hit a bit of a losing streak after reaching 2954 trophies; I actually dropped down into the 2800s for a day, before recovering and ending at 2993 last night.  Ri…

CoC BH8 - Big Bart Attack Strategy

Time to talk about one last Boxer Giant attack strategy.This one I call “Big Bart”.You take your standard GiBoCC and add in either one or two camps of Raged Barbarians.The army comp for this can go either way (2/1/1/2, or 1/2/1/2)…


Now…most of the time I’ve seen the strat used, it comes with 2 camps of Boxer Giants *BUT*, for those players who are REALLY good with their Raged Barbarians, you can run 2 camps of Raged Barbarians instead!
As with all of the attack strategies that use Boxer Giants, the Boxer Giant acts as a tank to keep weaker troops alive.Adding Raged Barbarians gives you the added benefits of mass distraction - you can clear outer buildings and divide defenses such that they’re firing all over the base.
This is why the strat can work with 2 camps of either Boxer Giants or Raged Barbarians.Anyone who is particularly adept at using their Raged Barbarians in strats like Bombarian or Bart will already know how to effectively distract and remove front line defenses with R…

CoC BH8 - GiBoCC Attack Strategy

It’s time for another Boxer Giant based attack strategy - this time, we take GiCarts and make it even more powerful by adding one camp of Bombers to the mix to get…
The GiBoCC strategy works well against most base designs.The army composition is typically 3 camps Boxer Giants, 1 camp Bombers, 2 camps Cannon Carts OR 2 camps Boxer Giants, 1 camp Bombers, 3 camps Cannon Carts.  The decision on which to use is both style as well as dependent upon the amount of tanking needed (so a quick base analysis is useful).
This strategy was well used at BH7, but it really comes into its own at BH8 with the addition of another Army Camp AND the additional units in each camp for all three of these troops.(You can get away with L10 or higher Bombers, though.)
The chief role of the Bomber here is to clear the way for the Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts to overwhelm enemy defenses.In other strats - like GiCarts - you either have to enter the base through the openings the base designer provides or…

Journal of a Rusher Part Two - Introducing our new, L1 BH8!

The Clashifer Hyper-Rush project turned BH8 on 5/1.From a brand new game in mid-March, the final BH upgrade was completed just 45 days later.The defenses are largely level 1 and the only money spent on the game has been to buy the level-up bonus packs that range in cost from $5-$20, providing a pre-built version of the strongest/new defense at each level (such as the MultiMortar, Roaster, Giant Cannon, and MegaTesla).The Battle Machine is still level 1 and extra gold was typically thrown into walls or collectors along the way.
Here's the BH7 Base just before....

This is my favorite BH7 base layout and it's served me well through all of my Builder Base games.  Of course, I have a few favorite BH8 base layouts as well.  For an early BH8, I use this one....

The upgrade path from this point will be different from what has been done on my previous games.Normally, I would take all defenses to a level equal to 2 less than the BH before upgrading to the next level; for example, before…