CoC BH8 - Big Bart Attack Strategy

Time to talk about one last Boxer Giant attack strategy.  This one I call “Big Bart”.  You take your standard GiBoCC and add in either one or two camps of Raged Barbarians.  The army comp for this can go either way (2/1/1/2, or 1/2/1/2)…


Now…most of the time I’ve seen the strat used, it comes with 2 camps of Boxer Giants *BUT*, for those players who are REALLY good with their Raged Barbarians, you can run 2 camps of Raged Barbarians instead!

As with all of the attack strategies that use Boxer Giants, the Boxer Giant acts as a tank to keep weaker troops alive.  Adding Raged Barbarians gives you the added benefits of mass distraction - you can clear outer buildings and divide defenses such that they’re firing all over the base.

This is why the strat can work with 2 camps of either Boxer Giants or Raged Barbarians.  Anyone who is particularly adept at using their Raged Barbarians in strats like Bombarian or Bart will already know how to effectively distract and remove front line defenses with Raged Barbarians.  The Boxer Giants take a secondary role, soaking up heavy fire from things like the Giant Cannon or MultiMortar.  

This attack gets its strength from, again, the added troop units and Army Camp that come with BH8.  At level 16, you get an additional Boxer Giant and Cannon Cart.  The extra Bomber is nice, but not necessary for these attacks to be successful; once the outer wall is cleared, the Bomber fazes back to a secondary role.  

Have I mentioned that the Boxer Giant is just an absolute BEAST at level 16?  At level 15, he picks up 213 hit points for a total of 2789 and the Power Punch grabs 60 points more damage.  At level 16, you get 6 more points of damage per second which translates to 70 DPS or 140 damage per attack and, of course, the fourth unit in the Army Camp.

The strength in this attack is the offensive line that forms and just plows right through the base.  (I’m convinced the first player who used this was a football fan.)  It really is key to being successful with the attack.

In most attacks, the Raged Barbarians start the attack off by removing fringe buildings and distracting defenses.  Next come the Boxer Giants who continue taking the heat from enemy defenses.  The Bombers come in either just before or just after the Boxer Giants to open the walls and provide access straight into the base.  Finally, the Cannon Carts come in behind everyone else and just roll up from the rear, using their ranged attacking abilities to throttle everything in the offensive line’s path.

The Boxer Giants and Battle Machine provide general tanking services throughout the life of the attack, keeping the defenses away from the Cannon Carts.  More oft than not, the attack ends with 2 or more Cannon Carts left for clean up duties.

Ideally, you have all level 16 troops for the best Big Bart army.  In reality - you only need the Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts to be level 16 for both the added strength and additional unit per camp.  

The companion video to this article has lots of great replays - including one against a max game - all from at or about 5000 trophies (shortly before the most recent season reset).  Special thanks to my buddies at Oz Builders for all the threeplays!


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