CoC BH8 - GiBoCC Attack Strategy

It’s time for another Boxer Giant based attack strategy - this time, we take GiCarts and make it even more powerful by adding one camp of Bombers to the mix to get…


The GiBoCC strategy works well against most base designs.  The army composition is typically 3 camps Boxer Giants, 1 camp Bombers, 2 camps Cannon Carts OR 2 camps Boxer Giants, 1 camp Bombers, 3 camps Cannon Carts.  The decision on which to use is both style as well as dependent upon the amount of tanking needed (so a quick base analysis is useful).

This strategy was well used at BH7, but it really comes into its own at BH8 with the addition of another Army Camp AND the additional units in each camp for all three of these troops.  (You can get away with L10 or higher Bombers, though.)

The chief role of the Bomber here is to clear the way for the Boxer Giants and Cannon Carts to overwhelm enemy defenses.  In other strats - like GiCarts - you either have to enter the base through the openings the base designer provides or put your Boxer Giants on a wall to pound their way through.  The former is bad because it yields pathing control; the latter is bad because your tank will have to absorb a bunch of defensive angst while he works his way through the wall and since you want multiple points of ingress, that means 2-4 Boxer Giants will have to absorb that damage.

Enter the happy Bomber - he takes down the walls so your Boxer Giants can do what they do best…rampage and smash.

Against any base design, you’ll still want to drop a few Boxer Giants to suss out hidden defenses like Mines/MegaMines and Hidden Teslas.  Likewise, you want them to tank for the Bombers as they make their approach.  

Deployment can come from any angle depending upon the base.  Many diamond bases use a sort of apron (sometimes two) over the apex of the base, placing the Builder Hall inside the walled-in space below the apron(s); this is a good place to deploy Bombers so you can get at the BH quickly and early into the attack.  You can just as easily come from the opposite end if you prefer (just make sure you have the added tanking power if you take the long road to the BH!).  Against box bases, you’ll usually want to choose an entry point that has the least amount of splash damage (unless a key splash defense is easily accessible).

The dominant threats here are the same as most ground attacks - splash damage from either the MultiMortar or Roaster can easily destroy clumped up troops; the Giant Cannon shoots through its target and keeps on damaging whatever is behind it; and the Crushers are a significant threat to the Boxer Giants who must get up close and personal to take them down.

As an attacker, you’ll use the same methods and techniques to deal with these threats as you have in the past.  A solid spread prevents clumping up, especially if you have two or more points of ingress (which you will with the Bombers).  This spread will also render the Giant Cannon’s secondary damage less likely.  Rapid deployment, with a line of Cannon Carts behind a line of Boxer Giants, will help take the Crushers out quickly - the Cannon Carts are ranged troops and will fire from behind the Boxer Giants to compound their damage.

The companion video to this article includes several replays by different attackers.  Although each has his/her own style of attack, you’ll see the same, basic tenets of good attacking in each.  Here’s the link to the video….


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