CoC BH8 - How to Beat this Base - Goal Post Base

So...have you run into this base in the wild and thought, "Man...I just cannot seem to find the magic formula for beating this base!"

Well...wonder no more - on this installment of, "How to Beat this Base", I've debunked the base!

The "Goal Post Base" (at least that's what I'm calling it) is a fairly common Internet base used at BH8 on Clash of Clans.  The design works fairly well between 3500-4500 (depending upon your defense levels) and you may see it between 3000-3500 as well.  Here's a picture of one layout of the base:

The base is top heavy for defense...and relatively weak at the bottom.  However, that does not mean you should attack it from the bottom - coming up from the bottom will subject your troops to a variety of defenses and distractions while they get pummeled.  In the configuration above, it's particularly difficult for air attackers who would typically come from the top to hit the defenses fast and hard.  

That said, there are plenty of ways to beat this base.  My preferred methods are either PEKKA Carts from the top or GiBoCC from the bottom.  You can hit it from the left or right using Minion Drops, but you'll have to control the spread and pathing of the Drop Ships carefully to ensure they do not wander off.  Bombarian Carts and Big Bart Jr work well from the sides also.

Generally speaking, these attack strats are being run with level 16 and, by now, most players who have been with the game a while will have a few level 16 troops.  You can usually get by with some lower level troops - depending upon which ones.  For example, a level 15 Drop Ship will perform well enough to be successful but a L15 Cannon Cart may not work quite as well because you have less units per Army Camp.

I reached out to a few folks to help me put together some threeplays on this base as well.  The Minion Drops threeplay was hard to get - I hit it every bit of 15 times, and although I could usually get 75%-85%, that 100% was ever elusive.  Benjen Stark, down at Oz Builders, hit it 3 or 4 times and finally pulled out the big three.  Here's the link to the video....


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