CoC BH8 - Three Sisters Attack Strategy

As I continue to max troops at BH8, I work on all new attack strategies.  Right now, I am working on FOUR different strategies that I’ve never tried in the past.  I’ve been eager to tinker a bit with the Sneaky Archer and I *JUST* finally maxed her, so this first strat takes advantage of the increased number of troops at level 16.

I call this attack strategy, “The Three Sisters”.  It uses level 16 Sneaky Archers, Super PEKKA, and Night Witches.  Each troop has a very specific role in the attack.

The Sneaky Archer clears external buildings and establishes the funnel.  I want a clear and well defined path into the base for my troops and this is an area where the Sneaky Archer simply excels.  She’ll eliminate any distractions that might send my Super PEKKA awry.  She will also be used to take out any heavy defenses on the periphery, protecting the Super PEKKA from taking too much damage as she enters the base.  It’s not at all uncommon for players to put something like Cannons or Double Cannons along a wall or corner of a base (especially in the case of diamond bases).  The Sneaky Archer can often use her ranged attacking capabilities to take these out of play right at the outset of the deployment.  Another helpful role here is that of minesweeper - the forward troops are always the first ones to stumble upon Mines, MegaMines, Push Traps, and Spring Traps; all those Sneaky Archers really come in handy to clear these out of the way, keeping both the Super PEKKA and the Night Witches on their initially established path.

The Super PEKKA breaks down walls tanks for the other troops, and goes after key defenses.  Sometimes, a base will have openings and the troops can just walk right in to take on defenses; other times…not so much.  I especially like using the Super PEKKA to open up a corner of a diamond base, punching a new point of ingress where the defender really wanted my troops to go around the sides.  This is why the initial Sneaky Archer attack run is so important - by first clearing buildings around the periphery, the Super PEKKA will not be distracted; she’ll go right in where I want her to go.  Her tanking abilities are obvious (no need to discuss that).  She’s also super strong and capable of inflicting massive damage first with her sword, and then with her Overcharge ability.  

The Night Witch serves the role of distraction with her Bats but also provides ranged attacks (much like the Sneaky Archer).  Ideally, the Night Witch will stay to the rear of the offensive line, safe and sound, behind the beefier tanks.  I especially like starting her WAY out and away from the base so the Bats have the time to clear hidden air defenses then work their way into the base.  The more Bats, the better they distract defenses and prevent them from firing on the other troops (including the Night Witches themselves).

The Battle Machine is part tank, part distraction, part destroyer.  To make this attack work, we really need 3, high-end tanking units and that’s what we get with 2 camps of Super PEKKA and the Battle Machine.

Right now, I’m running this attack strategy with 2 camps each of Sneaky Archers, Super PEKKA, and Night Witches.  Each camp can carry 12, level 16 Sneaky Archers so there may be a base or two that you can drop to just 1 camp of Sneaky Archers and pick up an additional Super PEKKA or 2 more Night Witches (for a total of 6).  At the moment, I’m liking the 2/2/2 arrangement; it provides just the right amount of firepower and tanking for this attack to work.

My initial trials for this strat ran 90-120 seconds.  I’ve been using Friendly Challenges between my maxed troops and bases with L3/L4 defenses, L6 defenses, and L7/L8 defenses.  During the initial/trial stages of developing a new attack strategy, I like to start off with easier bases that I can control - this enables me to get a better feel for pathing, deployment, and what pitfalls I might be dealing with as I refine the strategy.  I grabbed one of each level for the First Look video (link is below).  I’ll have additional videos in the next few days as I move the strat into regular competition.


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