Clash of Clans - Noc's TH12 Upgrade Guide

TH12 is out and what a doozy of an update this one is!

SuperCell released another “update pack” pre-update that helps build the resources needed to run the upgrade.  This one was $100US for 3 of each Rune (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir) and 160 Wall Rings that can be purchased twice; they also released a $50US version that has one of each Rune and 70 Wall Rings that can be purchased up to 4 times.  Upon completing the upgrade, you get the standard level-up bonus pack that costs $20US and includes the Siege Workshop, 175K in Dark Elixir, and 8M Gold.

The upgrade path for TH12 depends largely on your goals.  In my case, I wanted to get the new troop (Electro Dragon), upgrade him to max, upgrade Bowlers and Valkyrie, drop everything new, and take the TH to level 5 (max).

That turned out to be an expensive proposition.

In order to complete these upgrades, you’ll need to upgrade your Gold and Elixir Storages.  You can get away with a few upgrades before hitting the storages, but not many.  Here’s how I lined it up:
  1. Town Hall 12 Upgrade - 9.5M Gold, 14 days or Book of Building/Everything to complete.
  2. TH12 Level-Up Bonus Pack - Provides the Siege Workshop, 175K DE, 8M Gold.
    1. Alternatively - you can buy the Siege Workshop directly for 7.5M Elixir and give it 6 days to build.
  3. Buy everything new:
    1. Hidden Tesla X 1 - 1M Gold, 1 day
    2. Giant Bomb X 1 - 12.5K Gold
    3. Air Bomb X 1 - 4K Gold
    4. Seeking Air Mine X 1 - 15K Gold
    5. Spring Traps X 2 - 2K Gold each
  4. Upgrade Siege Workshop to level 2 to unlock the Battle Blimp - 9M Elixir, 8 days
  5. Upgrade the Laboratory to L10 - 8M Elixir, 8 days
  6. Barracks to L13 - 4M Elixir each, 12 days
  7. Elixir Storages to L13 - 5M Gold, 7 days
  8. Gold Storages to L13 - 5M Elixir, 7 days
  9. Dark Elixir Storage to L7 - 4.2M Elixir, 7 days
  10. Clan Castle to L8 - 12M Gold, 14 days
  11. Town Hall to L12-2 - 6M Gold, 2 days
  12. Town Hall to L12-3 - 8M Gold, 4 days
  13. Town Hall to L12-4 - 10M Gold, 6 days
  14. Town Hall to L12-5 - 12M Gold, 8 days

Those are the basic upgrades - the ones that I feel are needed to enable the rest of the TH12 upgrade process and provide the strongest, initial defense available.  From that point forward, I follow my normal upgrade process:
  1. Bring everything new up to the same level as what’s already deployed….
    1. Hidden Tesla to L9
    2. Giant Bomb to L4
    3. Air Bomb to L5
    4. Seeking Air Mine to L3
    5. Spring Traps to L5
  2. Air Defenses to L10 - When something new drops, I like to upgrade key defenses against the new troops.  The Electro Dragon is neat but he has a glass jaw; the right air defenses will take him down quickly.  The best air defense against a dragon is just that - the AD.  L9 is already fairly effective against a L3 Electro Dragon; L10 ADs will do even better.
  3. Inferno Towers
  4. X-Bows
  5. Hidden Teslas
  6. Eagle Artillery
  7. Bomb Towers
  8. Wizard Towers
  9. Archer Towers
  10. Cannons
  11. Mortars
Upgrades 3 thru 7 represent my core defenses.  In each of my base designs, these defensive buildings sit at the heart of the base’s defense - the juicy center of the Tootsie Pop.  They’re always the first thing I look to upgrade.

The last 4 are important, but they receive a relatively minor bump between single levels so they continue to serve well at their max-1 level and can be pushed further down in the upgrade path.

The one structure not listed up there, although it’s an important one, would be the Army Camps.  They’re 9M Elixir and 14 days each to upgrade.  This is typically a “slot-in” upgrade, meaning I upgrade them along the way, as resources come available.  That might be at the end of a weekend of raiding or even when we get a Rune of Elixir in Clan Games.  The same goes for traps and bombs - they’re used as filler upgrades to reduce the amount of resources I have to offer attackers and keep builders going.

On offense, I go for the troops that I will use in war and donate to other players’ CCs.  
  1. Electro Dragon - It’s the newest troop and where we will typically see the most fun upon release.
  2. Bowler - The Bowler remains a dominant troop in the game, both in war attacks as well as for CC troops.
  3. Valkyrie - The red-headed whirlwind is easily my favorite for war attacks.
  4. Golem - The king of all tanks, especially now that the Eagle Artillery does not cause extra damage to him.
  5. Dragon - Because…well…they’re Dragons!
  6. LavaHound - The air tank and heavily used by a lot of players.
At this point, I shift gears to my primary farming troops (or I run them in between, as I gather DE).
  1. Giants - The tank for GiBArch.
  2. Barbarians - The driving force in GiBarch.
  3. Archers - The bringers of death in GiBarch.
  4. Miners - Everyone is telling me how awesome Miners are for farming DE or in general!
That covers most war and farming attacks, so I’ll move to the more general troops after that….
  1. Wizards
  2. Balloons
  3. WallBreakers
  4. Witches
  5. Baby Dragons
  6. PEKKA
  7. Hog Riders
  8. Minions
…and finally, the Freeze Spell (the only spell with an upgrade).

So far, I haven’t really decided where to put the upgrades to the Siege Machines yet.  As I work with them more, I anticipate getting a feel for their value in an attack.  At the moment, I would expect to probably upgrade them either just before or just after my farming troops.

Of course…this whole upgrade plan may change if there are changes in the meta, SuperCell nerfs/buffs something, and so forth.  I might shuffle something in or out depending on resource availability as well - if I have a Rune of Dark Elixir, I’ll hit a DE troop instead of an Elixir troop…or vice versa.  It’s all fairly fluid.

So there you have it…my TH12 upgrade guide.  Hope you find it of use!


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