Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - End of May Update

Clashfier Hyper-Rush Project Update - 6/3/2018

So...I'm a little late getting this one up.  We went down to the Great Smoky National Park last week - our absolute favorite place to go.  Nothing beats the mountains; some day, I hope to move to Tennessee for good.

BUT - that is not what we are here to discuss!  It's the 2.5 month update on the Clashifer Hyper-Rush project.  As expected, the base hit L4 defenses at the end of May.  I've also taken advantage of the Battlefest and Hammer Jam events to sneak in a few level 5 upgrades as well.

As in the past, all of the trophy counts each day are included in the daily log on the blog.  I brought everything up to level 4 fairly quickly and pushed my Roaster, Giant Cannon, and MultiMortar to level 5 as well.  Getting this extra bump to the key defenses has gone a long way in winning matches.

Right now, the game is hovering just below 3300 trophies and pulling in a bit over 400K each day in loot from raids.  That's a pretty good place to be and just enough daily resources to keep things moving ahead.  I upgraded the storages so I can retain max loot; that's allowed me to take advantage of the Runes of Builder Gold/Elixir very effectively.  Being able to hold 4M gold goes a long way when you're upgrading low level defenses.

Managing resources to prevent overflow has been more than a little challenging this last couple of weeks, what with the events SuperCell has been running.  I had to shake up my previously pathed upgrades to run some more expensive ones.  I was getting a bit nervous as we approached the 1 week mark for Clan Game Rewards; I still had a Rune of Builder's Gold in the bank that I needed to get through before I could grab the latest CG rewards but I diddn't want to waste the Gold I'd already built up.  I came up with exactly the right upgrade path to clear the Gold Storages and...promptly upgraded the wrong building first.  So...I used some of the gems I had stored up to boost the timer and bring things back on course.  It wasn't too bad though - Hammer Jam has halved all the upgrade times, so it was short enough to not use up all my remaining gems.

On offense, Beta Minions are now at L16 and that's also helped quite a bit in scoring better results in matches.  However, the Battle Machine is still level 1 and although I am's a tough one to manage.  In nearly every 1-star or 0-star match, I came up short because the Battle Machine did not have his ability.  I'm really going to have to knuckle under and upgrade him soon.

I ran through some quick upgrades of the Barracks.  Next up is the upgrade that provides access to Drop Ships and that is the next troop I will be upgrading in the Star Lab.  I had considered making the jump to Cannon Carts, but that would be fully a month and a half to upgrade and Boxer Giants would take almost as long as well, so it just didn't make sense to me.  I'm all in with air right now, so I will stay the course.  Air-based attacks are common all the way up into the 4000s, so I'm sure it will be just fine.  Once I get Drop Ships to L10, I should be able to use them fairly effectively with the L16 Beta Minions.

Here's the daily log of upgrades and a current picture of the base.  I'm still running my standard, low-to-mid-3K base and it's turning out 50:50/60:40 win:loss ratios.  As a level 4 defender, I have to admit...I'm fairly pleased with its progress.  It's not running too far behind some of my other games that are defending a couple of levels higher and it's moved along much more quickly than my level 4 and level 5 games.

5X Push Traps to L4
5X Mines to L4
1X Hidden Tesla to L4 (10H, 280K each) (Overnight)
(2944 trophies)

L14 Beta Minions Completes
1X Hidden Tesla to L4 (10H, 280K each)
5X Spring Trap to L2
1X Elixir Collector to L5 (Overnight)
(2942 trophies)

1X Barracks to L5 (3H, 100K)
1X FireCrackers to L4 (12H, 300K each)
Star Laboratory to L8 (3D, 3M Elixir)
(2977 trophies)

No upgrades performed
(2977 trophies)

No upgrades performed
(2979 trophies)

Star Laboratory to L8 finishes
1X FireCrackers to L4 (12H, 300K each) (Overnight)
(3069 trophies)

1X FireCrackers to L4 (12H, 300K each)
1X FireCrackers to L4 (12H, 300K each) (Overnight)
(3127 trophies)

1X Crushers to L4 (1D, 350K each)

1X Elixir Storage (1D, 2M)
(3152 trophies)

Battlefest Begins

1X Crushers to L4 (1D, 350K each)
L15 Beta Minion upgrade started (5D)
(3184 trophies)

1X Gold Storage (1D, 2M)
(3037 trophies)

1X Elixir Storage (1D, 2M)
(3036 trophies)

1X Gold Storage (1D, 2M)
(3036 trophies)

Roaster to L3 (1D, 1.4M)
(3098 trophies)

Guard Post to L4 (1D, 320K)
(3193 trophies)

Hammer Jam event begins; season reset

MultiMortar to L3 (1Dx.5, 800K)
3X MegaMine to L2
Roaster to L4 (2Dx.5, 1.5M) (Overnight)
(3102 trophies)

AirBombs to L3 (1Dx.5, 340K) (Overnight)
(3041 trophies)

MultiMortar to L4 (2Dx.5, 1M) (Overnight)
(3041 trophies)

1X Elixir Collector to L6
Giant Cannon to L5 (2Dx.5, 2.4M)
Wrong order; gem timer to correct
Clock Tower to L3 (4Hx.5, 220K)
1X MegaMine to L3 (3Hx.5, 50K)
Collect Clan Games rewards
Use Rune of Builder Gold
Roaster to L5 (2Dx.5, 1.6M) (Overnight)
(3131 trophies)

MultiMortar to L5 (3Dx.5, 1.2M)
(3191 trophies)

Skip ‘n Stack

Barracks to L5 (3Hx.5, 100K)
Barracks to L6 (6Hx.5, 150K)
Barracks to L7 (8Hx.5, 300K)
Barracks to L8 (10Hx.5, 500K)
AirBombs to L4 (2Dx.5, 360K) (Overnight)
(3276 trophies)

6/4/2018 (Pending)
Barracks to L9 (12Hx.5, 1M)
Start Drop Ship upgrade series


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