CoC - Recruiting for the clans!

I just recently came into a second clan and we've decided to pair it up as the sister clan to Divergent Void, move a bunch of our alts over, and build both clans up!

The TH9+ clan is, "Divergent Void" at #P8CGRG0C.

The general clan is, "Army of One...." (with 4 dots) at #Y8Q29JY.

"Divergent Void" will be warring regularly, while "Army of One...." will be more focused on Builder Base and just general development.  Our goal is to build both clans up as much as possible so we can hit top rewards tiers on Clan Games.

"Divergent Void" is about to become a level 7 clan, "Army of One...." is almost level 5.

Our clan rules are simple:

1) Respect each other.
2) Execute all war attacks or opt out BEFORE war.
3) Achieve a minimum of 1000 points in every Clan Games (more if possible, especially when it's 50K or 75K).
4) Donate what's asked for, and always donate max level troops for wars.

Pretty simple - right?

A few of us have already moved games over to "Army of One...." and we've started Clan Games on both clans.  This has freed up several slots on "Divergent Void".

So...come join us!


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