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CoC BB - Sneaky Archer Army Compositions

In THIS ARTICLE, we introduced the Sneaky Archer and provided a handful of replays from some top level players in the Australian clan, Oz Builders.  Now I'd like to take a few minutes to break down the three most common Sneaky Archer army compositions.

By way of review - Resource collectors and other, low hitpoint buildings like the Gem Mine, Barracks, and Firecrackers, need just 2 SAs; more medium level defenses require 3 SAs; while high hit point structures need 4 SAs. Army Camps are good to go with just 1 SA, and the Builder Hall itself usually goes down with 4 SAs. Of course, buildings that are out of range for defenses can be removed with just 1 SA but it takes a bit longer.

1) ArchMin

Combining Sneaky Archers and Beta Minions, this attack strategy usually runs 3x3 or 4x2 (SAxMin), although some players will run more Sneaky Archers.  The Sneaky Archer is typically used to clear a path to the Builder Hall and remove key, air defenses, allowing the Beta Minions to take out the Bui…

Clashifer Hyper-Rush Project - Closing Update

So...I slowed WAY down on this game in the month of July.I brought it to a solid L5/L6 defender and got it up to around 3800 trophies (bounces between mid-3600s to 3800), but have focused most of my playing time on the HV as well as my other games in general.I go in every so often now to clear collectors, run a few attacks, and start upgrades going but it will be backburnered in favor of my other games, becoming more something I work on during Clan Games (much like my other alts).
The initial focus of this game was to show how quickly one could go from new to functioning BH8 without spending a fortune and while maximizing just one attack strategy.At first, I used RBs and SAs, but I quickly switched to Mass Beta Minions (BH4), which is my preferred strat.Later, I added in Drop Ships.As of right now, Drop Ships are L14 and should max by month’s end, even with my more casual play.
On the defensive front, I first brought everything to L4 starting with a focus on the key defenses (Roaster…