CoC BB - Sneaky Archer Army Compositions

In THIS ARTICLE, we introduced the Sneaky Archer and provided a handful of replays from some top level players in the Australian clan, Oz Builders.  Now I'd like to take a few minutes to break down the three most common Sneaky Archer army compositions.

By way of review - Resource collectors and other, low hitpoint buildings like the Gem Mine, Barracks, and Firecrackers, need just 2 SAs; more medium level defenses require 3 SAs; while high hit point structures need 4 SAs. Army Camps are good to go with just 1 SA, and the Builder Hall itself usually goes down with 4 SAs. Of course, buildings that are out of range for defenses can be removed with just 1 SA but it takes a bit longer.

1) ArchMin

Combining Sneaky Archers and Beta Minions, this attack strategy usually runs 3x3 or 4x2 (SAxMin), although some players will run more Sneaky Archers.  The Sneaky Archer is typically used to clear a path to the Builder Hall and remove key, air defenses, allowing the Beta Minions to take out the Builder Hall and work on other structures with impunity.  A variation trades out 1 camp of Beta Minions with Bombers (3x2x1 or 4x1x1) to knock out walls.  

2) ABC

Archers, Bombers, Carts - This strategy takes advantage of the Sneaky Archer's ability to clear buildings while under a cloak, while Bombers to take down walls to disrupt pathing and open the base for even more sniping by the Sneaky Archers!  Cannon Carts are typically held in reserve for the Builder Hall - as soon as the path has been paved with the rubble of your enemy's felled buildings, and side distractions are removed, you can usually send in one Cannon Cart to down the Builder Hall.  Additional troops work clean up to grab extra percentage points at the end of the attack.  The army composition for ABC is 4 camps Sneaky Archers, and 1 each of Bombers and Cannon Carts.

3) AMC

Much like it's cousin, ABC, the AMC attack strategy uses the unique capabilities of each troop to break the base down for the final blow from the Cannon Carts.  This strategy works particularly well when Bombers aren't really needed - for example, an open base (one where walls do not close things in) or bases where you can easily open the base up (box bases).  The army comp is usually 4x1x1 as well.

Of course, there are many other army compositions that use the Sneaky Archer, including and especially the more custom strats that players choose either as a personal favorite or on the fly for certain base layouts.  These three, more common renditions serve as the "general use" versions.  Done properly, you'll typically achieve 65% or better, 2-star results.  Done well, you'll hit 70% or better.  The one must have a LOT of patience.  Sneaky Archer strats almost always hit the 3 minute mark.

Here are some video examples (with replays) for each....


  1. This is great, thanks Noc. I originally found you by searching for bracket base strategies. Then months later I found myself at number 2 on the Australian leaderboard and surrounded by oz builders!! Then ramdomily made the connection that you use their examples. So I've decided to focus on learning their SA strategy. Unfortunately I've dropped about 900 trophies doing it but I'm stubbon, it won't beat me. Thanks again for your great blog. πŸ‘πŸ‘


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